Bringing New Voices to Campus

Kimball Union brings talented professional artists to campus to broaden students perceptions of art and performance, making artistic experiences accessible for all.

By tapping into a network of artistic performers and alumni artists, KUA brings a rich variety of artists to campus throughout the year to engage with art classes, workshop with the Arts Scholar Program, and perform for the entire community.  

Recent Visiting Artists

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  • Arkai Music

    Recent Juilliard graduates, violinist Jonathan Miron and cellist Philip Sheegog, worked with Arts Scholars across disciplines to learn how to tap into their creativity.
  • J Chen Project

    New York City-based modern dance company J Chen Project worked with students both in-person and through Zoom to create an original dance piece.
  • Warp Trio

    Chamber music group Warp Trio worked with the Arts Scholar Program during a two-day seminar and performed a live concert. 

Riley, U.S. Virgin Islands

Seeing all of the different artists, especially musicians, come through campus has been quite helpful in figuring out what I want to do in the future, especially since I’m looking to major in music in college.

Arts Scholar Program

Explore the Arts Scholar Program, one of KUA’s signature programs for students passionate about visual and performing arts.