The Foundation for a Happy, Healthy Life

At Kimball Union Academy, learning happens everywhere, which means it doesn’t stop when classes end. Our program is designed to enable each student to achieve academic success through personal growth. 
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Residential Living

At Kimball Union Academy, our residential life program offers you a family that supports, accepts, and helps you realize your full potential. It’s also a whole lot of fun.

We provide a variety of residences for boarding school students to choose from, and students have a voice in where they’d like to live. We develop relationships within and across classes and give every student the chance to thrive in the nurturing environment of multi-aged supporters. 

Each dorm is guided by a dedicated faculty member or House Head who creates a healthy environment where students can find friendships, connections, and space in different ways. Each House Head has their own approach to creating a “home away from home” that speaks to the individuality of the residents. For some, weekend baking and crafts are a favorite activity while other dorms enjoy grill nights and Sunday afternoon football games. Dorm families eat together, study together, tackle problems together, and find space away from each other when necessary, just like a family. Typically, dorm meetings are held on Tuesday nights as time for discussion and general housekeeping, but also for community time and celebration. Student proctors help create a sense of culture and maintain respect within the dorms.

Day Student Life

Day students are fully engaged members of the KUA community and are often described as “boarders who sleep at home.” There’s no way to distinguish between our boarding and day students until the day is done. Our day student community – about 75 students – is fully invested in the KUA experience, participating in all academic, athletic, and extracurricular, and weekend activities. They hold leadership positions and help shape the life of the Academy and the community, and join their friends for meals in Doe Dining Commons.

The Student Life Program

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  • Advisory Program

    You will be assigned an advisor from the start of your time at KUA through college matriculation. This will be a trusted adult who is there to guide you and ensure that you get the support you need to find success and personal growth.
  • Choices Program

    Choices is an integrated course for ninth graders that focuses on social and academic skills and prepares students for their initial year and a successful career as a Kimball Union student.
  • Grade-Level Programming

    Each year students are engaged in specific programming that promotes academic, social, and personal growth on topics such as leadership, ethics, and the transition to college.
  • All School Meeting

    Twice a week the entire school gathers for All School Meeting, an important time for students and faculty to share, reflect, honor, and highlight the critical work transpiring on the Hilltop and in our world at large.

Student Life Team

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  • Photo of Eric Russman

    Eric Russman 

    Dean of Student Life, Spanish Teacher
  • Photo of Alexis Liston

    Alexis Liston 03

    Dean of Community Life
  • Photo of Scott Winham

    Scott Winham 

    Dean of Campus Life, Mathematics Teacher
  • Photo of Melissa Longacre

    Melissa Longacre 89

    Student Life Programs Coordinator
    603 469-2116
  • Photo of Sarah Spencer

    Sarah Spencer 

    Administrative Assistant and Receptionist
    603 469-2000