Student Life

Student Leadership

Here at KUA, we take pride in being a student-led school.
What do we mean by student-led? We mean that every student is striving for their own personal level of leadership.  That may mean managing your full schedule, and getting where you need to be on time, or taking on a key leadership position, where you will directly influence decisions and changes that affect the entire student body.

Learning to lead is part of developing healthy relationships and recognizing the role social-emotional learning plays in day-to-day life. Social-emotional learning is a cornerstone of the KUA experience. Student achievement develops through encountering challenges and finding the strength and skills to overcome those challenges.  A student’s well-being is a major component of that strength and the ability to expand and make use of a skill set.

At KUA, the entire student is supported—their mind, their body, their character. Leadership is a quality that comes from within, that develops at its own rate in individuals. We support young adults as they become leaders, instead of leading them to think in certain ways. Take a look at some of the leadership opportunities students will discover at KUA.
Students at KUA have many ways to make a difference, get involved and lead their peers.  The list below is a sampling of how many of our students help lead and shape Kimball Union into the school we love.


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Founded in 1813, Kimball Union Academy is one of the country's oldest private boarding high schools. KUA blends the best of the New England boarding tradition with an innovative, modern educational program for a diverse and global group of day and boarding students. Located in Meriden, New Hampshire, in the heart of the Upper Valley, Kimball Union is minutes from Dartmouth College and has direct access to Boston and New York.