What it Means to Be a Student-Led School

As a student-led school, students take an active role in their educational experience. You’ll discover who you are and how to utilize your strengths and overcome challenges to lead in new and unexpected ways. 

At KUA, you’ll find many ways to make a difference and get involved in the life of the Academy. Our leaders are embedded across campus - from our Fire Brigade members, to our student-athletes, to our Scholar students who see ways to transform the world around them.

We hear your voice, we let you lead, and if it looks a little messy at first, that’s OK too. Your leadership skills will help you develop people skills, build healthy relationships, and allow you to transform the work you do in high school, college, and beyond. 

Campus Leadership Roles

These leadership positions are just a few of the many ways in which students help shape the KUA experience.

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  • Campus Activities Board

    CAB members are students of all grade levels who apply and are selected to help plan weekend activities, community service opportunities, and Tower Cup competitions. They also support the athletic program and generate school spirit.
  • Co-All School Presidents

    Each year two all school presidents are elected by students and faculty to oversee and represent the student body. Their primary responsibilities are to facilitate All School Meeting twice a week and chair the Student Senate.
  • Honor Board

    The Honor Board serves as the “judicial branch” of the student government and works to uphold the values of the school and inspire community members to act as honorable students and citizens
  • Orange Key

    Orange Key members serve as tour guides and ambassadors for Kimball Union on and off campus. 
  • Peer Educators

    In addition to being available as non-judgmental listeners to all members of the student body, Peer Eds work to promote the well-being of the community by developing programming to support students’ ability to make informed and healthy lifestyle choices. 
  • Proctors

    Residential, Day, and International Proctors, act as leaders and role models in the community and the residential program. Residential proctors also help maintain a safe and appropriate learning environment and build a positive culture in their house. 
  • Student Senate

    The Student Senate, the administrative branch of student leadership, works to align school rules with the reality of life at Kimball Union.