Kimball Union provides a college-preparatory education that honors the individual student as an essential part of the greater community. We invest in each student’s future by understanding who they are. We ask students to learn about themselves. Then as partners, we figure out who they will become – as students and as human beings – as they prepare for college and beyond.

Tom Kardel, Assistant Head of School

We think it’s crucial and respectful to get to know you for who you are and then help you achieve the most transformative education you can imagine.

What Is KUA Design?

KUA Design is our approach to learning at Kimball Union. Your unique experiences, interests, and abilities influence the way you learn and engage inside and outside the classroom, and tell us how best to support and inspire you. That’s why, from the day you arrive at KUA, it’s our mission to learn about you.
Using relationships as our foundation, we leverage everything we know about the science of learning and how the brain works to design intentional experiences to challenge and support your growth. As a result, you’ll find your voice, develop new knowledge, and strengthen your character through a robust academic curriculum. 
This philosophy is infused throughout our environment. Learning transcends classroom walls; it occurs on a soccer field, on the stage, in an advisory group, over a shared meal, and throughout our residential programming. You’ll find that everyone here is highly invested in your intellectual and individual growth. Our teachers will engage you in all your pursuits, help you build confidence and make education feel rewarding and satisfying.