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In their own words, Kimball Union Academy students share their experiences, favorite activities, and what they love most about the school, as well as offer advice to incoming students.

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  • In Their Own Words: Ella ’26

    Ella ’26 is from Billerica, Massachusetts, a member of cross-country, track, theater, and chamber ensemble. When asked for a piece of advice to share with incoming students, she says, "It is crucial to learn how to manage time. With afternoon activities, extracurriculars, friends, and schoolwork, it is extremely easy to get caught up in one and forget about the other." Ella says she loves KUA's tight-knit community.
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  • In Their Own Words: Kai ’25

    Kai ’25 is from Bronxville, New York. She is a member of Fire Brigade, and plays lacrosse and soccer. Kai loves the inclusive, safe environment that KUA offers, hanging out with friends in Stu, and encourages new students to “be open to meeting new people, going to new places, taking new classes, or doing different activities.”
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  • In Their Own Words: Yiyi ’26

    Yiyi ’26 is from Shanghai. He plays baseball, basketball, and soccer. When asked to share a piece of advice to incoming KUA students he says, “Embrace confidence and showcase your best self.”
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  • In Their Own Words: Misora ’23

    Misora '23 is from Tokyo and plays on the varsity soccer and softball teams. What surprised her most during her first year at KUA, is its large size and how it's surrounded by nature, which she says is "much different than Tokyo!"
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  • In Their Own Words: Tyler ’23

    Tyler '2023, is from Plainfield, NH. He is a STEM Scholar and is involved in many activities around campus, including art activity, rock band, music production club, and theater. When asked what he loves most about KUA, he says, "I love the diversity of people and variety of opportunities to explore my passions."
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  • In Their Own Words: Annelise ’23

    Annelise '23, is from Goshen, NY. She is president of the Queer-Straight Alliance, a dorm and DEIJ proctor, Art Scholar, and involved in theater. Her advice to incoming students is to "make it happen!"
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  • In Their Own Words: Tinashe ’23

    Tinashe '23, is from White River Junction, Vermont. He plays on the varsity soccer team. His advice for incoming students is to “take Dance 1! And do things outside your comfort zone.”
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  • In Their Own Words: Brynn ’25

    Brynn '25, is from Westport, CT. She is involved in theater, sings in two choirs (Selects and Concordians), plays tennis, and serves as co-class president of the Class of 2025. When asked about her favorite place on campus, Brynn says, "The common room of my dorm. Often, my friends will all hang out there at night, or play board games on weekends, and it is always so much fun!"
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  • In Their Own Words: Elliot ’26

    Elliot '26, is from Claremont, NH. They are part of the Penny Fellowship service club, and a theater technician. When asked what was most surprising during the first year of being a student at KUA, Elliot says, "I was most surprised by the genuine kindness and friendliness of the community, and it made me feel so safe here so fast."
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  • In Their Own Words: Cale ’26

    Cale '26, is from Dunbarton, NH. He is in the Young Americans Club, serves as an Orange Key KUA tour guide and ambassador, and plays soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. What Cale loves about KUA is "meeting new people!"
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