The College Advising Office provides an individualized process for each and every student. Our experienced team of college advisors educates, guides, and supports students as they go through the process of self-assessment, research, application, and college choice. We look beyond the numbers of GPA and test scores to help students and their families find the college with the best overall fit and where students will find success.

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  • Our Approach

    The College Advising Office is open to students and parents of all grade levels. Students will begin meeting in groups in the ninth and tenth grade to understand the resources available to them at KUA and learn how to get an advantage in the process during the summer months. Students are then assigned an individual college advisor at the beginning of their junior year and will begin meeting in November and continue throughout their senior year.
  • Additional Resources

    We offer free SAT and ACT test prep for all students and can connect students and families with outside tutors who offer in-person and virtual test preparation sessions.

Our Team

We have more than 70 years of combined experience working in college advising and college admission offices. We work alongside students as teachers, coaches, advisors, and dorm parents, providing valuable insight into our students’ lives.

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    Gunnar Olson 

    Director of College Advising
  • Photo of Derek Gueldenzoph

    Derek Gueldenzoph 

    Senior Associate Director of College Advising
  • Photo of John Kluge

    John Kluge 66

    English Teacher, College Advisor
  • Photo of Chloe Prudden

    Chloe Prudden 

    Assistant Director of College Advising
    603 469-2173
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    Heather  Vogel 

    College Advising Office Manager; SAT/ACT Test Coordinator