Opening of School

Kimball Union Academy is looking forward to the 2022-2023 academic year with great enthusiasm. We're so excited you to welcome you into our community or back to the Hilltop for another memorable year. Here you will find resources to help you prepare for your next chapter.

Get Ready for KUA!

Over the coming months, we'll ask students and families to log in to the portal to complete all the necessary forms in anticipation of the start of the school year. The portal will serve as an important resource for all your KUA information throughout your time on The Hilltop, and an alert bar at the top of your portal will indicate when there are outstanding forms that need your attention. Don't worry, we'll also email you to let you know when we've made updates. 

In the meantime, here are a few resources to help you get started. We look forward to seeing you in September!

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Key Contacts

For Course Selections
Susanne Stillson-Strong, Registrar

For Travel and Arrival Planning
Kathy Langevin, Student Life Programs Coordinator
For Laptop Requirement and School Forms Assistance
Jason Bourne, Director of Technology
For Health Services
Melissa Underhill, Director of Health Services
For Athletics and Activities
Mike Doherty, Director of Athletics
For Residential Life & Housing
Sam Ftorek, Director of Residential Life
For Summer Reading List
Jesse Mathers, Academic Dean

For Tuition Management
Deborah Hanley, Staff Accountant

What to Expect This Summer

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  • April

    Visas and Passports
    Non-U.S. passport holders will receive an email regarding the visa process, travel logistics, and the school calendar. Contact Jenny Araya-Messen at 603-469-2100.
  • May

    Academic Updates
    The Academic Office will share information here on this page as well as through the Student and Parent Portals including: 

    -Academic Placement Tests and Interviews
    -Request for Final Transcript
    -Summer Math Tutorials Registration

    Athletics & Activities Selection
    Housing Survey 
    Learning Center Information and Registration

  • June

    Magnus Health
    Log into the KUA portal
    Go to the resource board
    Click on the Magnus Health log-in
    Complete the checklist by August 31
    Contact the Tracy Health Center at 603-469-2055 if you have any questions.

    Essential Paperwork

    Student permission forms, course registration, and sports/activities selection will be available in either the Student Portal or the Parent Portal. Please complete the required paperwork as soon as possible. Students who are missing paperwork will be unable to participate in orientation or activities.

    Parent Portal
    -profile update
    -Magnus Health
    -academic check list
    -international travel plans

    Student Portal
    -student life information

    Summer Reading List

    Our Summer Reading List for each grade, including the All-School Read, will be posted here. Each student will have a minimum of two books to read over the summer; therefore, we recommend students and families plan accordingly.

    Tuition Services
    KUA partners with Tuition Management for the processing and collection of your remaining tuition balance, plus any applicable fees according to your elected payment plan from your Student Reservation Agreement. After your online registration with Tuition Management has been completed, you will receive a welcome email, followed by your invoice.
    • For assistance with your Tuition Management account, contact the Parent Help Center at 888-868-8828.
    • For assistance with tuition or fees, contact Deborah Hanley at 603-469-2160 or Kelly George at 603-469-2167
    Student Bank and Escrow Accounts
    All students are assigned both an escrow account (required) and a student bank account (optional). Families are required to maintain a minimum of $300 in their student’s escrow account throughout the academic year to provide resources for miscellaneous academic purchases. If your student will receive Learning Center services, fees will be charged to the escrow account. Contact Lori Boudreau at 603-469-2161.
  • July

    Important information and forms will be shared through the Student and Parent Portals regarding: 

    Parent Portal
    Community Handbook

    Student Portal
    Community Handbook
    Acceptable Use Policy

    Students will receive instructions via email on concussion testing.

    All students are required to become familiar with the Community Handbook. You can access the 2021-2022 Community Handbook.
  • August

    Room and Advisor Assignments
    The Student Life Office will send information on room and advisor assignments in mid-August. Time will be provided on Registration Day for families to meet with your student’s advisor. Advisors will also reach out to students by mid-August.

    Community Handbook
    The 2022-2023 Community Handbook will be available online in mid-August. All students are required to become familiar with the Community Handbook. You can access the 2020-2021 Community Handbook.
  • September

    Get ready for new student orientation and the opening of school! New international students arrive September 3 and new domestic students arrive September 4 with orientation starting the next day. We'll share schedules and arrival times here as we get closer to our return to the Hilltop.

Academic Placement & Summer Math Tutorials

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  • World Language Interview

    All students seeking to study at Level 2 or above in a World Language during their first year at KUA need to complete a brief placement conversation with a teacher in their desired language of study. These conversations will take place over Zoom and can be scheduled below.  Please choose the level and language that matches the level of study you most recently completed. Students who will begin studying a new language do not need to schedule a placement interview.  Please complete by June 22.

    French (all levels): Mr. Scrib Fauver
    Latin (all levels): Ms. Tessa Cassidy
    Spanish (completed 1 year of study): Mr. Connor Chess
    Spanish (completed 2 years of study): Mr. Eric Russman
    Spanish (completed 3 years of study): Mr. Tom Kardel
  • Math Placement Assessment

    We ask that each student complete the assessment that matches the course you most recently finished and submit their work to We will also look at teacher recommendations, transcripts and standardized test scores (when available) to determine best placement. Due by June 22.

    If you completed
    Algebra 1 or PreAlgebra this year: Algebra Placement Test 

    If you completed
    Geometry this year: Geometry Placement Test
    If you completed Algebra 2 this year: Advanced Algebra Placement Test

    If you completed Precalculus this year: Precalculus Placement Test

    If you have any questions about which test to take in your specific situation, please contact  
  • Request Official Transcripts

    The Academic Office requires your official high school transcripts for course placement purposes, verification of transfer credits, and for future college applications. They should be dated and stamped with the former high school(s)’s seal for any coursework completed in the 9th grade and beyond. Please request that it be sent to the following address as soon as the school’s academic year has ended.

    Susanne Stillson-Strong, Registrar
    Kimball Union Academy
    7 Campus Center Drive
    Meriden, NH 03770-0188

    It would be most helpful if a pdf of the document could also be emailed to 
  • Summer Math Workshops

    Given the disruptions in learning over the past two years, Math Department and the Learning Center want to make sure that students who just took — or are getting ready to take — Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, or Precalculus have the content understanding they need to position themselves for success in their next course. We will be offering four-week small-group online workshops (with no more than 4-5 students per class) from mid-July to mid-August and will find times mutually agreeable to both students and the teacher. The workshops will be run by faculty members in KUA’s  Math  Department and Learning Center. 
    The cost for the 10 hours of directed instruction is $500 and will be billed to your student’s KUA escrow account. Students will take a pre-test to help us create a personalized curriculum for them. The program will involve several Zoom meetings during the four-week course, and some review problems will be assigned. We hope that your student will take advantage of this opportunity to continue to hone their math skills. 
    The deadline for registration is June 22. To register, please see the instructions on the Summer Math Agreement Form.

    Scott Domingos
    Math Department Chair

    Anne Peterson 
    Director of Studies and Academic Support

Opening of School Calendar