Opening of School

Kimball Union Academy is looking forward to the 2021-2022 academic year with great enthusiasm and optimism. Here you will find information and key contacts to help you prepare for the exciting journey ahead. As the summer unfolds, we will share additional information.
Students and families should first log in to the portal to complete all the necessary forms in anticipation of the start of the school year. The portal will serve as an important resource for all your KUA information throughout your time on the Hilltop and an alert will indicate when there are outstanding forms that need your attention.
We look forward to seeing you in September!

Summer Checklist

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  • Health and Safety

    Vaccination and Quarantine Information

    Magnus Health
    Magnus Health digitally collects and manage all student health information. Please log into the Parent Portal, and select the "Magnus Health Login" link located at upper left in the Resources tab to submit all necessary information. In order for a student to matriculate, all health information, including up-to-date physicals, must be submitted through Magnus.

    COVID-19 Information for Arrival
    We are looking forward to welcoming our new and returning Wildcats to The Hilltop. We anticipate having to change our policies throughout the year based on COVID-19 rates of positivity and community transmission levels, and we ask for your ongoing support as we approach the academic year.
    Pre-Arrival Health & Safety
    While we are excited to come back with more relaxed requirements this year, how our students and families behave off-campus will help set us up for success. This means wearing masks in stores, not attending high-risk events like concerts, and staying home if you are not feeling well.
    We ask that you schedule a PCR test for your student within 3 days prior to arriving on campus and bring your negative test results with you. Going forward, please communicate any possible exposures or positive results to the Tracy Health Center.
    Campus Arrival in September
    Everyone’s first stop upon arrival will include a health screening and a proof of a negative test at the Health Center tent at registration. During campus arrival and registration, family members should wear a mask at all times indoors and in congested outdoor areas. Please follow the signage at our designated “Mask Zones.” In order to make it a safe and efficient day for everyone, we ask that families limit the number of accompanying family members beyond parents and your student whenever possible.
    Parent Vaccinations and Masking
    On arrival and registration days, vaccinated parents only, wearing masks, are permitted to enter the residence halls to help their student move their belongings. We ask that unvaccinated family members not enter the residence halls on these move-in days. Parents and guardians, please email with a photo of your vaccine card and we will upload them into your student’s Magnus portal to keep on file for your future visits to campus. This will make for a smoother process at check-in and throughout the year.
  • Packing Lists

  • Student Mail & Packages

    Student Mailing Addresses and Deliveries
    Student name
    Kimball Union Academy
    7 Campus Center Drive
    Meriden, NH 03770
  • Summer Reading List

  • Math Placement Tests

  • Residential and Student Life

Key Contacts

For Course Selections
Susanne Stillson-Strong, Registrar

For Travel and Arrival Planning
Kathy Langevin, Student Life Programs Coordinator
For Laptop Requirement and School Forms Assistance
Jason Bourne, Director of Technology
For Health Services
Melissa Underhill, Director of Health Services
For Athletics and Activities
Mike Doherty, Director of Athletics
For Residential Life & Housing
Sam Ftorek, Director of Residential Life
For Summer Reading List
Jesse Mathers, Academic Dean

Opening of School Calendar

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  • Sep

    Campus Preparations

  • Sep

    Student Leaders Arrive

  • Sep

    Campus Preparations

  • Sep

    Labor Day

  • Sep

    New Student Registration

    Boarders: 10 am
    Day Students: 1 pm
  • Sep

    New Student Orientation

    Camping trip departure
  • Sep

    Returning International Student Arrival

  • Sep

    All-School Orientation

    Opening of School Activities
  • Sep

    Camping Trips Return

  • Sep

    Returning Student Registration

    Boarders: 1 p.m.
    Day Students: 2 p.m.
  • Sep


    8:30 a.m.
  • Sep

    First Semester Classes Begin

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