Opening of School

Get Ready for KUA!

Kimball Union Academy is looking forward to the 2024-2025 academic year with great enthusiasm! Here you will find information and key contacts to help you prepare for the exciting adventure ahead. As the summer unfolds, we will share additional information. 
Over the coming months, we'll ask students and families to begin to log-in to the portal to complete all the necessary forms in anticipation of the start of the school year. The portal will serve as an important resource for all your KUA information throughout your time on The Hilltop, and an alert bar at the top of your portal will indicate when there are outstanding forms that need your attention. Don't worry, we'll also email you to let you know when we've made updates. 

In the meantime, here are a few resources to help you get started. We look forward to seeing you in September!

Information for New KUA Parents

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  • 24-25 Community Handbook

  • 24-25 Major Dates Calendar

  • Laptop Requirement

    Because we believe that access to our digital community is essential in order for our students to have a successful 21st-century educational experience, Kimball Union has made a commitment to a BYOD (bring your own device) Laptop Requirement. Read more about the Laptop Requirement.
  • Parents Association & Family Weekend

    Visit KUA Parents to learn more about the Parents Association and find helpful resources for your family. Also, mark your calendar for 2024 Family Weekend, October 18-19.
  • Student Mail & Packages

    Student Mailing Addresses and Deliveries
    Student name
    Kimball Union Academy
    7 Campus Center Drive
    Meriden, NH 03770
  • Suggested Packing Lists

  • Preparing for Independent Life

    As you anticipate your student’s next adventure at Kimball Union, we have a few recommendations to support a successful transition to Kimball Union. We encourage you to collaborate with your student on developing and practicing the following fundamental independent living skills this summer. Some of these habits may be ones you have already instilled in your household, others may need more practice, and a few may need some direct instruction and encouragement from you. While this is geared toward boarding students and their parents, we encourage day parents to consider these steps as well.
    1) Your student should be proficient in doing their own laundry. In addition to using a washer and dryer, they should also get into the routine of folding, hanging, and storing their clothes, and having a set place for dirty and clean laundry. If your student will utilize our laundry service, they should still have a system for organizing their clothing and separating their laundry.
    2) Your student should practice keeping an organized room. The standard for weekly dormitory room inspection is “neat and clean” – bed made, emptied wastebaskets, laundry cared for, desk space and surfaces tidied, and floors vacuumed.
    3) Your student will be expected to wake themselves up independently, and we recommend using an alarm clock rather than a phone. If you currently wake up your student, we advocate they practice getting up on their own this summer. 
    4) If your student takes medication, most likely, they will be going to the KUA Health Center to do so, if they are a boarder. Summer is a great time to strategize with your student about using reminders on their phone and practicing taking their medication independently without reminders from a parent or guardian.
    The mission of Kimball Union mentions, in part, “intentionally designed experiences and challenges,” and these independent life skills fall into that broad category. While the habits discussed above seem small, our experience tells us their cumulative impact is essential to your child’s success here on The Hilltop.

Key Contacts

For Course Selections
Anne Parent, Registrar

For Travel and Arrival Planning
Melissa Longacre, Student Life Programs Coordinator
For Laptop Requirement and School Forms Assistance
Jason Bourne, Director of Technology
For Health Services
Melissa Underhill, Director of Health Services

For Athletics and Activities
Becca Main, Athletic Director
For Residential Life & Housing
Scott Winham, Director of Residential Life
For Summer Reading List
Tasheana Dukuly, Academic Dean

For Tuition Management
Naomi Merchant, Staff Accountant

Summer Checklist

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  • Request Official Transcripts (New Students)

    The Academic Office requires your official high school transcripts for course placement purposes, verification of transfer credits, and for future college applications. They should be dated and stamped with the former high school(s)’s seal for any coursework completed in the 9th grade and beyond. Please request that it be sent to the following address as soon as the school’s academic year has ended. 
    Anne Parent, Registrar 
    Kimball Union Academy 
    7 Campus Center Drive 
    Meriden, NH 03770-0188

    It would be most helpful if a pdf of the document could also be emailed to
  • Completing Health Forms

    KUA uses Magnus Health to manage student health information. Please complete the forms and paperwork by August 1.

    To do so:
    Log into the KUA portal
    Go to the resource board
    Click on the Magnus Health log-in

    Please email the Tracy Health Center if you have any questions.
  • Course Registration

    Part of Kimball Union’s Mission is to promote “intentionally designed experiences and challenges.” In support of that, we look forward to working with you to develop an appropriately demanding academic schedule for the coming school year. As of July 16, Course Requests in the Student Portal have closed as the Academic Office has begun the scheduling process.

    Please contact RegistrarAnne Parent to make any changes in course requests.
    As part of the course selection process, several placement steps help us determine the best fit for classes. Additional details on each of these steps can be found further down on the Opening of School page.
    • Incoming students should complete the appropriate math placement test that parents will need to select, download, and submit. 
    • If a student intends to continue studying a World Language at KUA, they should schedule a placement interview. 
    • Requests for Advanced Placement or Honors courses in English or history also require submitting sample essays for consideration. 
    • Course placement and class schedule details will appear on the Student Portal during the summer as they are determined. 
    For questions regarding academic course selection, don’t hesitate to get in touch with  Anne Parent. 
  • World Language Interview

    New students who wish to study at Level 2 or above in a world language during their first year at KUA need to complete a brief placement conversation with a teacher in their desired language of study.

    The deadline for your language interviews was Wednesday, July 17. If you did not complete your interview (or were recently admitted), we will place you in the course that seems like the best fit, given your previous language courses/experience.

    French (all levels): Mr. Scrib Fauver 
    Latin (all levels): Ms. Tessa Cassidy 
    Spanish (completed 1 year of study): Mr. Henry Ponnefz 
    Spanish (completed 2 years of study): Mr. Eric Russman 
    Spanish (completed 3 years of study): Mr. Eric Russman 

  • Math Placement Assessment

    We ask that each student complete the assessment that matches the course in which they are planning to enroll and submit their work to We will also look at teacher recommendations, transcripts, and standardized test scores (when available) to determine the best placement. 
    If the student wishes to enroll in Algebra 1, Geometry, Geometry Honors, Algebra 2, Algebra 2: A Formal Approach, or Algebra 2 Honors, the "Algebra Placement Test" must be taken.  
    Algebra Placement Test  
    If the student wishes to enroll in Precalculus or Precalculus Honors, the "Precalculus Placement Test" must be taken.  
    Precalculus Test 
    If the student wishes to enroll in Calculus or AP Calculus, the "Calculus Placement Test" must be taken.  
    Calculus Placement Test 
    In addition, all international students and students who have been enrolled in but who have not completed all three years of an integrated math curriculum must take the "Geometry Placement Test" if placement out of KUA's Geometry course is desired.  
    Geometry Placement Test 
    If you have any questions about which test to take in your specific situation, please contact    
  • History and English Honors & AP Applications

    If you will be requesting an Honors or AP level English and/or history course, you will need to do the following before you can be approved for the class: 
    Please attach two analytical writing samples with evidence embedded. Attach essays to an email and also provide the following information: 
    • Your Name 
    • Class Year (Expected Year of Graduation) 
    • AP/Honors Class for which you are applying 
    Also, in the body of the email, introduce yourself and explain your reasons for wanting to be in this class. 
    9th grade English: Incoming 9th-grade students are invited to participate in the Honors English course during their first term.  No application nor essay submission is needed.  
    History: Send your email, with your essays attached, to History Department Chair, Mr. Bill Diamond. 
    English: Send your email, with your essays attached, to English Department Chair, Ms. Jenny Blue. 
    Decisions are made on the following criteria: GPA, history and English grades, teacher recommendation, and essay. You will be placed into the college preparatory level class until the department chair has given approval for the Honors or AP class. 
  • Summer Work and Reading

    Find information for the Summer Work and Reading list for each academic department, along with this year's All School Read. 
  • Visas & Passports (non-U.S. passport holders)

    Non-U.S. passport holders will receive an email regarding the visa process. Contact Destiny McClure at 603-469-2104.

What to Expect This Summer

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  • June

    The Academic Office will share information here on this page as well as through the Student and Parent Portals including: 
    -Request for final transcript
    -Academic Placement Tests and Interviews

    Magnus Health

    Essential Paperwork

    Student Life forms, course registration, and sports/activities selection will be available in either the Student Portal or the Parent Portal. Please complete the required paperwork as soon as possible. Students who are missing paperwork will be unable to participate in orientation or activities.

    Summer Reading List

    Our Summer Reading List for each grade, including the All-School Reads, will be posted here. 

    Tuition Services
  • July

    Parent Portal
    Parent Profile Update
    Boarding Student Travel/Arrival
    Transportation and Off-Campus Permissions
    Community Agreements & Honor Code
    New International Students and Families

    Student Portal
    Community Agreements & Honor Code
    Acceptable Use Policy
    2024-2025 Community Handbook
  • August

    Room and Advisor Assignments
    The Student Life Office will post information on room and advisor assignments in mid-August. Time will be provided on Registration Day for families to meet with your student’s advisor. Advisors will also reach out to students before your arrival.

    Student Bank, My Kids Spending, and Escrow Accounts
    All students will be assigned both an Escrow account (required), and a Student Bank account (optional). In mid-August, you will receive an email from the Business Office outlining the details for Escrow and Student Bank as well as initiating a My Kids Spending account.

    Ski Passes
    For students planning to join the Alpine or Freeski teams or participate in Rec Skiing, we will provide information on how to obtain passes for the season.
  • September

    Get ready for new student orientation and the opening of school!  We'll share schedules and arrival times here as we get closer to our return to the Hilltop.

Family Weekend

Please plan to join us on campus October 18-19 for the 2024 Family Weekend!

2024 Opening of School Calendar