Today, technology provides a launching point for innovative instruction and a transformative educational experience.
At KUA this begins with SMART Boards in every classroom, the KUA Laptop Requirement (see below) to ensure that every student is equipped with the appropriate device and support for their academic computing needs, and the adoption of digital textbooks across a number of our course offerings, which allows us to further embrace digital content and enhancements in and out of the classroom. Utilizing cutting-edge technology gives faculty and students the freedom to be creative and move beyond the traditional walls and constraints of “old school” education. We strive to make our classrooms more interactive and empower students to play an active role in their education. We see the impact of this every day—whether it’s guiding students as they use Twitter to follow up-to-the-minute, first-person accounts of a revolution unfolding half a world away, or watching them win the Massachusetts FIRST Tech Challenge Championships as part of our STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Program.

Kimball Union Academy's classrooms are all equipped with SMART Boards and outstanding audio/visual capabilities. These technologies are integrated into the curriculum in a variety of ways to emphasize 21st Century skills and learning outcomes. Whether through collaborative problem-solving, global interconnectivity, access to databases, or refining information literacy, our objective is to advance learning with these technological tools.


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    Because we believe that access to our digital community is essential in order for our students to have a successful 21st-century educational experience, Kimball Union has made a commitment to a BYOsD (bring your own specified device) Laptop Requirement
    Equity in access to digital resources greatly enhances teaching effectiveness and promotes student-centered learning, inquiry learning, and interactive teaching. Standardization also ensures that valuable classroom time is not spent trying to remediate disparities and hurdles caused by the use of different operating systems, platforms, and software, allowing our faculty and technology department to focus on providing the most innovative and creative programs for our students. Through the KUA Laptop Requirement, students have ubiquitous access to KUA’s technology-rich environment and dynamic learning opportunities as well as a wide array of resources including digital content, educational software, and digital authoring tools. Our faculty continue to incorporate the use of technology into the curriculum as an extension of traditional classroom tools to support and encourage critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and digital citizenship.
    We feel confident that the KUA Laptop Requirement helps our students to become fluent with the tools they need to be successful in college and in the 21st-century global workplace.

    Students at Kimball Union Academy are expected to arrive with a fully functional laptop meeting the following specifications:

    Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro Notebook Computer

    Mac OS 10.13 or later
    8GB RAM or greater
    128GB SSD/HDD or greater
    Mac OS 10.15 or later
    8GB RAM or greater
    256GB SSD or greater

    The Kimball Union Academy Technology Department is equipped to provide basic support and software installation, as needed, on these devices.  Additionally, a small pool of KUA-owned MacBooks is maintained for short-term lending in the event that a student-owned device requires service at our local repair depot.  The Technology Department helps to facilitate transportation and billing of repairs for student-owned devices, in conjunction with our Business Office and our Apple Authorized service partners.

Technology Faculty

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    Jason Bourne 88

    Director of Technology
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    Stephen Rogers 04

    Academic Information Systems Manager, Theater Technical Director
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    Jerry Usery 

    Information Systems Manager (Administrative)


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