Kimball Union is a school where students want to grow as learners, as thinkers, and as people, and as such the community embraces this pursuit regardless of where a student is in their educational path. The team at Kimball Union Academy's Gosselin Center for Teaching and Learning is passionate about helping students flourish in our college-preparatory curriculum. Our goal is to help students develop the skills they need so they can become independent learners in college and beyond.
We provide a variety of academic support programs to meet the needs of the rich variety of learners we serve. While some students utilize the Learning Center for specific needs, the entire school benefits from the Center’s work as our philosophy for learning, KUA Design, is infused throughout the Academy’s entire curriculum. The Center also offers professional development opportunities for faculty, knowing that the brain-based, research-supported strategies that work for Learning Center students work for all students.

Our Process

The first step toward unleashing each student’s potential is by getting to know them on an individual level. We are dedicated to understanding all facets of a student’s profile – from academic to social – to identify where support is most needed. Then, learning specialists work closely with families, classroom teachers, and a student’s advisor to ensure we have a 360-degree view of a student’s needs and a plan to chart their progress. Each student’s learning specialist becomes a trusted partner in their academic career. Our overarching goal is to help students identify and develop the skills to become independent and self-sufficient learners. As students gain greater levels of independence, academic support is scaffolded back and may even be eliminated entirely.

Our Team

Our experienced and professionally trained Learning Center staff is here to help you. Each specialist is specifically trained to help students identify what strategies they need to achieve their individual goals, and then help them practice those skills they need to succeed both in and out of the classroom.

The Learning Center faculty have a combined 130+ years of experience working with students and a variety of professional credentials, degrees, and certificates in:
  • Reading
  • Special education and learning differences
  • Educational leadership
  • Teaching English language learners

Explore Our Structured Support Programs

Learning Center support is integrated directly into a student’s academic day and into the academic space. Our structured support programs are individualized to help our students where they need it most. Some of the areas we serve include:

  • Executive functioning skills and strategy support (including organization, self-advocacy, time management, and test-taking strategies)
  • Direct curriculum instruction in academic disciplines
  • The nurturing of self-confidence and resilience
We offer a few options for the delivery of learning center support, so that students find what works best for them. Some students will work one-on-one with a learning specialist a few times each week, while others opt to work in a small group with other students and a teacher. In addition, we offer academic subject tutorials for students who need support in a specific discipline.

Additional KUA Support Services

The KUA Writing Center is available for all students who seek help with any stage of the writing process: brainstorming, organization, development, sentence structure, and revision. Peer writing tutors (typically Junior or Senior Students enrolled in Advanced Placement English) staff the Writing Center. 

Peer Tutors are available in most subject areas to provide additional support. Peer tutors are students enrolled in advanced level courses, who demonstrate an interest in the subject and a passion helping others navigate our curriculum.

Office Hours are an ideal time for students to gain one-on-one or small group support from their classroom teachers. Available two times per week, office hours encourage self-advocacy and independence in developing learners. 

Learning Center Specialists

List of 10 members.

  • Photo of Anne Peterson

    Anne Peterson M.A., M.Ed. 

    Director of the Gosselin Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Photo of Logan Brennan

    Logan Brennan 

    ELT Teacher, International Student Coordinator
    603 469-2069
  • Photo of Jennifer Diamond

    Jennifer Diamond 

    Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Julian Dormady

    Julian Dormady 

    Director of Student Support Services
  • Photo of Ursula Fries-Herfort

    Ursula Fries-Herfort 

    Learning Center Teacher, Ceramics Teacher, Taylor Gallery Director
  • Photo of Connie Loescher

    Connie Loescher 

    Learning Specialist
    603 469-2065
  • Photo of Caroline Mikheev

    Caroline Mikheev 

    Learning Specialist
    603 469-2361
  • Photo of Tucker Prudden

    Tucker Prudden 

    Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Dustin Meltzer

    Dustin Meltzer 05

    Visual Arts and Learning Center Teacher
  • Photo of Jonathan Knee

    Jonathan Knee 

    Learning Center Teacher
    603 469-2360