Gunnar '21 Works in Wildlife Conservation in Yellowstone

Gunnar ’21 traded his vistas of New Hampshire for the breathtaking views of Montana’s Yellowstone National Park this summer, working for the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary.

Through the Sanctuary’s Service Learning Partnership, Gunnar cared for injured and endangered animals that belong to the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, including black bears, mountain lions, Canadian lynx, bobcats, hawks, falcons, vultures, cranes, racoons, porcupines, and coyotes.
“When I was not feeding the animals, doing enrichment activities, cleaning and working on the habitats, or giving educational tours, I traveled into the park,” he says. “I saw the iconic Old Faithful geyser and a vast array of other geological features such as Lamar Valley, where herds of bison spend their days grazing.”
Gunnar’s experience was part of the Cullman Scholarship Program, which supports students in off-campus study opportunities. The scholarship program, established in 1983 with a gift from Hugh Cullman '42, provided 11 students in 2019 with the opportunity to pursue courses of study. Students this year worked in medical research in Costa Rica, served as a research assistant at the Hedonia Lab at Oxford University, and studied filmmaking and writing in France.

“I am grateful to have received this scholarship and the experience of traveling to Yellowstone will be with me for years to come,” says Gunnar.


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