Student Spotlight: Scout Beaupre '19

Checking in with Senior, Scout, about Cullman Scholarships, senior year, and more!
How is your year going so far?
Being a senior is pretty nice. I know the ropes, but it’s different from Junior year. I like having a lot more responsibility and being a larger presence on campus.
How is soccer?
I was super excited for this season because being both a captain and a senior are new roles for me. I have been working together with the other captains and upperclassmen to create a good, solid environment for the team. The season has been going pretty great so far. We have been playing better soccer than in past years.
Tell me about your Cullman Scholarship:
I lived in Cochabamba, Bolivia for a month while coaching two youth soccer teams. It was an incredible experience, unlike anything I’ve ever done before. It was challenging to be outside of my comfort zone and to communicate in a language that isn’t my native one, but definitely a worth-while experience.
What clubs or activities are you involved in with?
I’m a part of CAB (The Campus Activities Board). We plan weekend activities and think of inclusive activities to get people out of their dorms on the weekend and also to promote a strong community. I’m also a Head Orange Key, so I give a lot of tours and attend admissions events as one of the faces of KUA. I like being a welcoming force on campus for new and prospective students. I’m also in the Cheese Club, History Club, Spanish Club, Cooking Club, Outing Club…there’s a lot.
Tell me about your family’s relationship with KUA:
My dad and uncle both attended and my uncle still teaches here. I actually just came from his Honors Anti-Hero in Literature class right now. My dad has coached here in the past, my two older brothers went here, and my cousin still goes here as well! Because I’m so connected, it sometimes feels like a summer camp. It is so much more than just going to class. Even if you’re a day student, you really live here. I don’t want to sound cliché but it really becomes your home. 
What are your plans for next year?
For next year, I’m currently deciding between a gap year or the traditional college route. I definitely want to travel and I’m also really into the sciences – anatomy, physiology, and psychology – but I’m not sure where I’ll end up yet!


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