“The stronger team won today.”

Darrell Beaupre
    This write up could be covered in the Coach Custer’s simple comment: “The stronger team won today.”
While our boys fought valiantly, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Proctor’s JV1 was going to triumph over our JV2 team, especially since we lost to their JV2 team last week. However, despite this we played hard and played well. Everyone who stepped on the turf displayed smart plays and hard work.
We were able to keep Proctor from scoring for the first twenty minutes but they eventually got two past us over the course of the first half. We did get in a few shots, but the ball was mostly in our end. The Hornets kept our defensive players Kyle Young, Nick Wilder, Cam Barton, and Kevin Tran busy. As the game progressed, Kien Tran, Tyger Gao, ,Tho Le and JoshWang filtered in to help hold the strikers from getting too close to Max van Dijk.
Our midfield saw much of the action and David Choung, Ollie Cozzi, Will Haynes, Liam McKewan, Trong Phan, Ethan Rozycki, Keenan Thygesen and visiting Nuri Lezbek, helped to defend and attack. Up front Jack Lavallee, Yohan Do, and Jonathan Li had a few shooting opportunities but were unable to put the ball in the net.
Special mention is needed for the intense hustle that Tryder Kulbacki showed in slowing down or stopping numerous attacks by Proctor’s left wing. In addition, Kyle Young was probably the one who sent the ball into their defensive end the most. Finally, in the words of Coach Custer, “If we didn’t have Nick Wilder, Man!, we would be in trouble.” These guys worked hard, but even with their intrepid devotion to protecting our goal keeper, Max was able to rack up thirty-five saves in net.
Ultimately, Proctor was able to send in four nice goals. Despite the loss, it was a fun game. Both sides showed skills, hustle and good sportsmanship.
   This Wednesday we will travel down to Northfield Mount Herman for a 3:30 game.


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