2024 Awards Recognize Student Achievements

Students were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Academy at the 2024 Awards Ceremony and Commencement Exercises.
This year’s awards were announced during two events: the Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 24, and Commencement on Saturday, May 25. Please visit KUA Live to view recordings of The Awards Ceremony and Commencement, and Flickr for images from each event. 
Graduation Awards
Hunter Nesbitt ‘24

Michelle Chang ‘24

Henry Mann Silver 1867 Award
Luke Clarner ‘24
Teegan Duffy ‘24
Svia Russman-Araya ‘24

Class of 1895 Award
Hunter Nesbitt ‘24

Royal Burnham Townsend 1911 Award
Teegan Duffy ‘24

Charles Alden Tracy Award
Michelle Chang ‘24

Porter Award
Lulu Leppard ‘24

The Class of 1920 Award    
Luke Clarner ‘24

Mikula Award

Ziad Hassan ‘24

Awards Ceremony

Dartmouth College Book Prize
Bleyton Hopps-Thompson ‘25
Harvard Book Prize
Xiangyue "Jason" Cheng ‘25
9th Grade Distinction
Thomas Doherty ‘27
Ellicott Smith ‘27
10th Grade Distinction
Caroline Daft ‘26
Emmett Smyth ‘26
11th Grade Distinction
Kai Bodell ‘25
Alex Hoyt ‘25
Jim Schubert Visual Art Award
Dora Chang ‘24
Dance Award
Hanna Noto ‘24
Theatre Award
Isabelle Brozen ‘24
Music Award
Yuxuan Li ‘24
Simon Harrold Memorial Award
Xiangyue "Jason" Cheng ‘25
Karen Custer Mathematics Department Award
Michelle Chang ‘24
Rensselaer Medal
Angus Spence ‘25
Senior Science Award
Cho Man Bian ‘24
E.E. Just Environmental Science Award
Eliza Connors ‘24
Advanced World Language Award
Brynn Garg ‘25
Stephen B. Bishop Award
Hunter Nesbitt ‘24
Lionel Mosher Award
Jack McMinn ‘24
Flora Clough Composition Prize
Josephine Annabelle Blue ‘24
Outstanding Athletes
Lulu Leppard ‘24
Cabot McLaren ‘24
Akerstrom Awards
Svia Russman-Araya ‘24
Henry Trimpi ‘24
Flora Clough Library Prize
Carys O'Connor ‘24
Fire Brigade Firefighters Award
Benjamin Lawton ‘24
Ray Freeman Jenney Good Citizen Award
Katie Pierson ‘24
Hong-Jin Kim International Student Award
Yuxuan Li ‘24
Georg Feichtinger Community Service Award
Hanna Noto ‘24
Teddy Lykouretzos ‘25

Student Senate Service Award
Lulu Leppard ‘24
 Ziad Hassan ‘24

The Faculty Cup
Derek Gueldenzoph P’22 ‘26
Cum Laude Society
Michelle Chang ’24
Hanyoung “Michael” Jung ’24
Hunter Nesbitt ’24
Eliza Louise Connors ’24
Lulu Leppard ’24
Josephine Annabelle Blue ’24
Cho Man Bian ’24
Yuxuan Li ’24 ’24
Teegan Duffy ’24
Xintong “Ella” Wang ’24
Alex Shareiko ’24
Ava Mae Yates ’24
Angie Kim ’24
Isabel Brozen ’24
Summer Combe ’24
Katie Pierson ’24
Luke Clarner ’24
Eva Joslin ’24
Isobel Bent ’25
Brynn Garg ’25
Angus Spence ’25
Ada Yoder ’25