KUA Awards 2024 Cullman Scholarships

Kimball Union announced the recipients of the 2024 Cullman Scholarships, which are among the Academy's highest honors. Cullman Scholars pursue off-campus opportunities that develop leadership skills, global and environmental awareness, and service to others.
The program was established in 1983 with a gift from Hugh Cullman ’42. Forty-one years later, the Cullman Scholars Program is going strong and has become a cornerstone of the KUA experience, receiving a record number of applications this year.
“We had the most competitive pool in the history of the Cullman Scholarship: 41 applicants, 10 more than any other year,” said Assistant Head of School Tom Kardel. “This year’s recipients cover a breadth of areas of interest and passion from sustainability, science, and math, to writing, music, and filmmaking.”
In the 2024 cohort, students shared that they were inspired by their KUA coursework; encouraged by their faculty; and found meaningful connections between their capstone projects as STEM, Global, and Arts Scholars and their pursuits as Cullman Scholars.

The following students have been named 2024 Cullman Scholars:
Isobel ’25: Girls Who Code online course; Harvard Pre-College program in Biology; Aspiring Scientists Summer Internship Program (ASSIP)

“Since I was young, I have been captivated by solving problems and exploring how the world functions. I have always loved science and math classes because of the logical thinking involved. I continue to seek ways to expand my knowledge and explore new topics, and the Cullman scholarship is the perfect opportunity for me to learn and share new experiences.”

Norwood ’25: Intermuse International Music Institute and Festival at Mount Saint Mary’s University

“A large part of IIMIF’s mission is to keep music a part of our lives, with their motto even being ‘Inhale Life, Exhale Music.’ Through a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching music, I will also learn how to truly love music, be a musician, and keep music as a part of my life forever.”

Jason ’25: Stanford University Mathematics Camp

“Looking toward the future, my goal is to become a mathematician who contributes to the field and inspires a broader audience to recognize and appreciate the beauty of mathematics. I want to promote the progress of pure mathematics and foster a generation of thinkers who are proficient in mathematical techniques and capable of creative and critical thinking.”
Lane ’25: Smart Cities and Sustainability: CIEE High School Summer Abroad, Amsterdam

“I am convinced that this wonderful learning opportunity will not only greatly benefit my growth and development in my academic and then professional life but will also hopefully leave a lasting impact on the KUA campus and community as a whole.”
Teddy ’25: Iowa Young Writer’s Studio, University of Iowa

“The residency in Iowa would connect me with both peers and expert teachers who can help me reach the next level in both writing skills and confidence.”
Lucas ’25: Caretta Research Project in the Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge and Environmental Studies: Sustainability and Your World at USC

“The loggerhead sea turtles that call Wassaw National home excite the same curiosity I felt about prehistoric fauna at age three. While it’s a little late to take a stab at saving the dinosaurs, the loggerhead can still be preserved. I would be honored with the opportunity to contribute to aiding such a majestic and gentle species of animal.”
Sarah ’26: Internship with Lee Kantar, the State Moose Biologist of Maine for the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

“We have developed an internship that will allow me to learn about and participate in his Adaptive Management Study which focuses on the impact of climate change on Maine moose and the parasites that have decimated their population, primarily winter ticks.”
 Angus ’25: Hutton Jr. Fisheries Biology Program or Trout Unlimited Expedition

“The environmental impacts of climate change and problematic water management strategies have already become apparent in local water sheds with sporadic weather conditions promoting inhospitable conditions, so working to remediate the current trend is of great concern to me.”
Elena ’25: New York University Tisch Summer High-School Program – Filmmakers Workshop

“Films have been a lifelong hobby for me, and this is why I cherish the NYU Tisch filmmaker workshop. I’ve had many experiences watching movies, participating in productions, and editing short videos, but I have never told stories through a professional movie lens.”
Ada ’25: UC Davis Pre-College Program: Environmental Toxicology and Green Cities: Creating the Living City at Cornell University

“Although there is ample opportunity at KUA to expand my knowledge of biology and sustainability… I am eager to investigate these fields more directly and in a new setting. Not only will hands-on research and online study strengthen my understanding of these topics, but by exposing me to different facets of biology and environmentalism, they will provide me with experiences that will help me determine what I am interested in more specifically, perhaps in context of a career.”