Read Along with Our All-School Read

This year’s All-School Read, The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline, is a thought-provoking and engaging book that delves into issues of climate change, Indigenous persecution, and family bonds.
Each summer, Kimball Union selects an All-School Read – a book that provides a shared common reading experience for all members of the school community and serves as a jumping off point for programming and conversation in the fall. This year’s selection, The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline, is a thought-provoking and engaging book for a range of readers.
“This book offers a beautiful depiction of family bonds, both the ones we are born into and the families we choose for ourselves,” says Librarian Christine Clisura, who helped select the book. “This will be approachable and engaging for readers from 13 years old to adults, which is sometimes hard to find in a novel.”
According to the publisher, The Marrow Thieves examines “a future world ravaged by global warming where people have lost the ability to dream, and the dreamlessness has led to widespread madness. The only people still able to dream are North America's Indigenous population, and it is their marrow that holds the cure for the rest of the world. Driven to flight, a 15-year-old and his companions struggle for survival, attempt to reunite with loved ones and take refuge from the "recruiters" who seek them out to bring them to the marrow-stealing ‘factories’”
“We’re excited to continue our community-wide conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion next year with The Marrow Thieves at the center,” says Clisura. “While the book highlights Indigenous persecution and trauma at the hands of white colonizers — a history common to both Canada and the United States — Dimaline, who is herself Métis, very much depicts Indigenous people and Indigenous communities as existing now, in the present.”