Kimball Union Student Wins Rotary Speech Competition

Representing the Rotary Club of Lebanon, Jintao ’22 won the Rotary District 7850’s Speech Contest for 2021. Jintao, a native of Tianjin, China, advanced to the District contest after competing locally with a speech on toxic masculinity. 

Participants were asked to give a virtual speech on the theme “How can you and your local Rotary Clubs work together to improve your community and open new opportunities for you and other students?”
“Imagine the potential for building goodwill and better friendships in a world where we embrace positive masculine traits,” Jintao told Rotary members. “I am going to work towards this goal, and I hope that the Rotary Club can help everyone achieve this end.”
Rotary brings together a global network of volunteer leaders dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges. District 7850 is composed of 41 clubs with 25 clubs in Vermont, 10 in New Hampshire, four in Quebec, one that spans the USA-Canada border, and one that spans the Vermont-New Hampshire border.