2021 Cullman Scholars Prepare for Summer Exploration

In a year largely defined by limited travel and interactions with others, it is no surprise that the Cullman Scholarship received a record number of applications—and recipients. The program, funded by Hugh Cullman '42, supports tenth- and eleventh-grade students in off-campus study opportunities. This month, KUA announced that 10 students received a 2021 Cullman Scholarship to help further their educational pursuits around the world.

Aidan '22 - Bird Watching, Nature Photography, and Climate Studies in Arizona

“I have been interested in birds and wildlife since I was in the fifth grade, and it has always been my dream since to travel the country and world, especially in Arizona or New Mexico, searching for the rarest and most dazzling birds. My grandfather was a huge source of inspiration for me to begin studying and watching birds, and it has become a true passion of mine.”

Ariatnny '23 - Shadowing a Doctor: Global Pre-Med in the Dominican Republic

“I was born in the Dominican Republic and being Dominican is a large part of my identity, culture, and family values.  It has been many years since I last traveled to the Dominican Republic and the next time I go I would like to pursue one of my passions in a country that has shaped so much of who I am.”

Ben '22 - Working on Conservation with the US National Parks

“I am excited about this opportunity, not least because it will allow me to see new people and places for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began. I believe that this program will allow me to build upon something I have been passionate about for a long time, while allowing me to grow as a student, leader, and person.”

Helena '22 - Studying with the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab & the Western Colorado Conservation Corp

“Being a Research Assistance at RMBL would serve to complement and enhance my educational pursuits in these disciplines [math and science.] Not only would I learn more in these areas of study, I would be applying my knowledge to the real world. Looking towards my future in college, I am interested in majoring in environmental sciences. This experience will provide me with exposure to possible career opportunities as I explore my passions in science.”

Libby '22 - Studying Neuroscience at Harvard Summer School, researching epilepsy at Korle-Bu Hospital, and performing community service in COVID 19 Safety in Ghana

“COVID-19 has impacted countries differently. In Ghana, people are confident that COVID-19 is not real. When I visited family over the winter break, I decided to give back to my community by educating people on the dangers of COVID-19 and how to keep themselves safe. I used my savings to buy masks and hand sanitizers and distributed them in my community. With help from the Cullman family, I plan to continue this work as I keep doing my part in the global fight against COVID-19.”

Margaret '22 - Shadowing a Doctor: Global Pre-Med in the Dominican Republic

“I can only imagine the lightning bolt of adrenaline pumping through my veins as I witness a trauma patient get brought back to life in from on my very own eyes. Or the jubilant emotion that takes over my body as I watch the birth of a beautiful newborn child into this world. These are two instances that I would get to experience over the two-week duration during the Global Pre-Med program.”

Sebastian '22 - Supporting Solar Energy and Working with Resilient Power Puerto Rico on Energy Incubation 

“The experience of living and working on the island where my mother’s family is from, and where I have a strong emotional and family connection, will allow me to strengthen my connection to my heritage and culture while allowing me to engage with people and try to understand the root causes of the social and economic challenges they face.”

Sophie '22 - Working with Grassroots Soccer to combat HIV in South Africa

“The opportunity to help other girls find passion for the sport I love, while using it as a tool to help educate and empower them, and to reduce their risk of contracting HIV, would be an incredible opportunity.” 

Shannon '22 - Working with the Nature & Climate Project in Iceland


“In this project, volunteers learn about the devastating effects climate change has had on the world, specifically in Iceland. Along with education of sustainability and the consequences resulting from human behavior evident in the world, volunteers will also devote their time towards conservation work in Austurland to help maintain the natural beauty of Iceland.”

Yohan '22 - Studying Community, Leadership, and Politics at George Washington University and Volunteering at the Public Policy Office of Korean Congress in Seoul

“During my two weeks at Georgetown, I will be diving directly into learning about leadership. I will be effectively identifying issues in my own community and worldwide and proposing solutions and plans to respond to real-world injustices. Throughout the learning process, I will be strongly developing my social justice leadership capabilities to serve as a team member and as an individual. My ultimate goal from this program is to learn more about community leadership and activism.”