Flick Gig

Flickinger Auditorium
Empire Wild is a genre-bending, crossover trio founded by Ken Kubota, Brandon Ilaw, and Mitch Lyon. Ken and Mitch bring all the cello has to offer - bowed, plucked, chopped and more. Brandon can be found singing and playing anything he can get his hands on – often a cajon, sometimes a guitar or piano, maybe some ankle bells. All classically trained, the three musicians met at Juilliard and formed Empire Wild as a vehicle for their love of musical exploration - fusing the sounds of pop, folk, Broadway and more into their songwriting and composition. Their debut EP ‘Paper Seasons’ features all original songs, highlighting the trio’s unique sound and instrumentation. Based in NYC, they have brought their signature mix of original music, inventive covers and twists on the classical canon to audiences across the country.
In their program Strung Together the group features original songs from their recent EP, ‘Paper Seasons,’ alongside some contemporary favorites and reimagined gems of the classical repertoire. Hear the group string together works by Claude Debussy, Eugene Friesen, Justin Bieber and more on this journey into Empire Wild’s time-bending sound world.