Student Life

Living on Campus

What’s it like to live in a house with your closest friends?

"My favorite part about being a boarder is that I am always surrounded by my friends.  Whether it's relaxing with my dorm before study hall, or chilling with my friends at dinner, they are always there to make me laugh! One more thing I love about being a boarder is the study hall at night because it helps me to focus and collaborate with classmates."  Emma '17
Living on campus is like living with a family that supports, accepts, and helps every member realize his or her full potential.

KUA utilizes a mixed-housing model. Students of all ages are represented in every dorm. This fosters the development of big-sister, big-brother types of relationships and gives every student the chance to thrive in the nurturing environment of multi-aged supporters.

Whether students live in a dorm of five or a dorm of 45, they all have dedicated faculty members living with them to look to for answers, advice, and connections. Dorm families eat together, study together, tackle problems together, and find space away from each other when necessary, just like a family.

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Student Activities

KUA activities will keep you engaged, challenged and having fun every day.  In addition to many competitive sports teams, we have a variety of afternoon activities for all students each season:

Instructional Golf Equestrian
Dance Instructional Tennis
Art Team Manager
STEM Theater
Journalism and Social Media Strength Training
Recreational Skiing Pottery
Girls' Soccer Club (spring) Boys' Soccer Club
Chorus and Ensembles
Fire Brigade



Kimball Union students are here on weekends.  They stay on campus with their friends and dive into activities, or just hang out and enjoy each other's company. 

KUA is located where there is so much to do, you don't need to go far to do it!

Movie trips
Dinner trips
Shopping trips
Alpine ski trips
Late-night food run
Dartmouth athletic and
cultural events

Pond hockey
Local golf trips
Open pottery studio
Free skating
Indoor soccer
Winter Carnival
Spring Fling
Cookie baking


Kimball Union Academy

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Founded in 1813, Kimball Union Academy is one of the country's oldest private boarding high schools. KUA blends the best of the New England boarding tradition with an innovative, modern educational program for a diverse and global group of day and boarding students. Located in Meriden, New Hampshire, in the heart of the Upper Valley, Kimball Union is minutes from Dartmouth College and has direct access to Boston and New York.