Program Leaders

Shanterra McBride is the founder of P.L.O.T. - Preparing Leaders Of Today, a company committed to inspiring young people to be more than what’s expected, more than what’s required, and more than what’s modeled. She is a sought-after speaker on youth leadership and youth issues, such as cliques, friendships, and teen relationships and how they relate to gender aggression. McBride speaks throughout the country at universities, corporations, schools, churches and associations.
Christina Marín, Ph.D. received her doctoral degree in Theatre with a concentration in Theatre for Youth from Arizona State University in 2005. Since then she has worked with young people all over the world using theatre as a powerful tool for motivating dialogue about important issues. She is an Assistant Professor of Performing Arts at Emerson College in Boston, MA and spends her time teaching about human rights and theatre, helping her students develop teaching strategies using drama, and directing and acting in plays in both English and Spanish.
Brooklyn Raney is currently the Assistant Dean of Students at Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, NH. She graduated from Colgate University in 2007 where she played on the women’s ice hockey team. Following Colgate, she completed her master’s degree in Educational Theater at New York University. Through this program she built and developed interactive workshops and seminars on leadership and life skills for adolescents. She loves to take these programs all over the country, and the world, and work with youth to set goals to be successful and respectable leaders in their homes, schools, and communities.
Alex Liston is currently an Assistant Dean of Students at Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, NH. She graduated from Mount Holyoke in 2007 where she majored in Dance and Environmental Studies. Alex is an alum of Kimball Union Academy, and also Directs the Summer ALPS program at KUA.  Alex is a certified yoga instructor and experienced hiker.


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