Commencement 2017

On Saturday, May 27 Kimball Union will proudly celebrate its two hundred and first commencement. For full weekend details, please visit the Commencement 2017 web page.

Girls' Leadership Blog 2013

Dear Parents,
 Clearly I have been a terrible blogger - way too busy having a blast with all of your daughters!  They are phenomenal young women!  Brilliant thinkers, clear communicaters, brave and strong, full of courage, so many things I could say about them.  Due to my poor blogging skills, and the fact that the girls are always out and about on adventures- I am having the counselors and lead facilitators tweet instead of blogging.  This will make for much quicker and more updates from us on what we are up to. So, please follow us @GLCKUA, or if you don't have twitter you can check out our twitter feed and pictures at www.kua.org/girlsleadership.  
Also, check out our Flickr page for more pictures - http://www.flickr.com/photos/kimballunionacademy/
See you Saturday!


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