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Friday, August 10th

I am so so so sad! I just finished with our final circle talks. I have been a terrible blogger - way too busy and excited about other things to sit down and write!  Tonight I had the girls write down a quote about GLC. Here it is:

From the "Lucky 13" ----  GLC is....

"the bomb diggity and awesome!" - Bria
"a great place to learn and to be a leader" - Aysia
"a great place to make new friends" - Hayden
"a great environment for everyone" - Gracie
"a great place to communicate with friends" - Cat
"a place where we learn to be youself and have fun" - Mary
"A place that helps girls be themselves and be who they are and respect it" - Mia
"the super bomb-diggity" - Jazzy
"the funnest place in the world" - DeeDee
"the most wonderful camp in the world" - Sadie
"the best thing to ever happen to me" - Madison

From "Dirigo" ---- GLC is....

"a camp where I learned to trust my fellow campers better" - Kelsie
"a camp where I learn how to be more of a leader instead of a follower" - Brittney
"a camp that I love because of the people and the topics. I love becoming a leader!" - Leah
"a camp where I can be a leader and meet new people. I love this camp!" - Layla
"a camp that allows me to express myself. Where I face my fears and conquer them! I love the staff and campers. I love being a leader in my community, school, and home." - Becca
"a camp that allows me to be me and no one judges. It's a place to meet awesome new people" - Nicole
"a camp that lets you be who you are!" - Lily
"an amazing fun group of people who are always being so supportive. I love GLC!" - Olivia
"the!" - Ella
"girls working together to make a change in the world" - Isabella
"a camp to learn were to be your best leader" - Amy
"where we learn to be the best we can be" - Victoria
"where you learn to be a confident and strong leader" - Alexis
"a great place that brings awesome girls together" - Gray
"a place to be a positive leader and make the blob line invisible" - Stephi
"an awesome place with awesome people!" - Andrea

The girls are sad that camp is ending, but so excited to return to their families to tell them all about their week!!
All the best from GLC

Wednesday, August 8th

We are back from what was an amazing trip to the ropes course and the pool, and I have a quick moment to write while the girls shower up and enjoy some much earned and needed down time.  They were so brave this morning! We arrived at the ropes course at 8:30am to greet our instructors Jake and Hema, who immediately received nicknames from GLC - "Jousting Jake and Happy Hema". They were very impressed with the politeness of the group, and their eagerness to get on the course.  After some get to know you games, and training of the ropes course rules, the girls were strapped in, clipped on, and ready to go!  Many of them did not love the feeling of the harness initially....but they got over it!  Watching them try to put the harnesses on was especially amusing for myself and Fiekah! The group was divided into two, and each tackled a different part of the course, both ending with a final zip line down.  Incredible!  All girls made it to the top, but after that a few felt uneasy so joined me on the ground to cheer on the group.  It took them about 3 hours to complete the whole course, and they were so proud of themselves for their determination, teamwork, and perserverence that led them to their success!  A picnic lunch and a swim in the pool was the perfect follow up to their hard work on the course!
We are thinking of our Lucky 13 out there in the wilderness right now - learning how to use a compass, cook dinner on a fire, pitch tents, create a bear bag, go to the bathroom in the woods!  We feel incredibly fortunate for the amazing weather we are having this week that has allowed us to camp, swim and climb the ropes course!
Check out Flickr for lots of pics of our ropes course adventure today.  I'm headed back to join the group for a workshop with Shanterra on body image.  The girls are so excited to meet with her again, and so am I!
All the best from GLC,
Bubbly Brook

Tuesday, August 7th

It is 11:03pm on Tuesday night, the girls are fast asleep dreaming of what is to come tomorrow, their sneakers are drying, the tie-dye is setting, there are bracelets and beads all over the lounge, the outgoing mailbox is full, and I am finally taking a moment to reflect on the past few days.......WOW!! All I can say is WOW!  Reading the applications for GLC campers I am always amazed and I spend months before camp feeling anxious and excited to meet these incredible girls, but I have to say that this year I am absolutely blown away! These girls are UNBELIEVABLE!!  The other Leaders and I sit around at night after they are tucked away in bed, and we share stories of how many moments throughout the day that we are in awe of what their 6th-9th grade minds come up with, how they articulate their ideas, and their overall behavior and respect towards one another.  As Shanterra says, "they are not our future....they are our now!"...and after spending 3 days with them, we feel very lucky to say that!
I will begin with the "younger group", who now prefer to be called "The Lucky 13".  First of all, if I knew that they were going to love pig chores so much, I would not have had it as a part of the schedule! It was the time they were supposed to work hard and get dirty, but they like it! At our nightly routine called Circle Talk we do an activity called "Rose and a Thorn" where the girls share their highlight and low point of the day.  For the past two nights, regardless of all the incredible things we are doing like ropes course climbing, ziplining, swimming, etc. the majority of the roses have been pig chores! Who would have thought?! They are actually disappointed tomorrow that they are going to be off on their camping trip and the other group has to do the chores! The Lucky 13 is off to a great start of camp.  They were courageous and encouraging at the ropes course, and loved having a quick dip in the pool afterwards and watching Jazzy do her amazing dives!  One of their favorite things however, has been their time spent with Shanterra discussing friendships, being a girl, bullying, leadership, and dealing with conflict. They have been digging deep and doing lots of good work. I have to say that this morning was when they really impressed me.  Due to some external issues we were not able to do the community service that we had planned.  Instead, we called a local senior citizen center, who were ecstatic to have us come visit.  This provided a great topic for the girls to discuss on the bus - adaptability and flexibility! A necessary skill for all leaders!  When we arrived we were asked to "perform" - with no real plan...we improvised....and it was awesome! Gracie graced the residents with a beautiful song on the piano, Elly had them laughing with her comedy act full of funny accents, we taught them our new fun nicknames and actions that go with them, and then gave each of the residents their own nickname - "Beautiful Beverly, Might Micky, and Jumping Josephine" were a few of my favorites.  The girls then chatted with the seniors and told them all about who they are, where they are from, and what they enjoy spending their time doing. It was an enriching experience for all. Now the 13 are packed, excited and ready to head out on their camping trip!
The older group, who now prefer to be called "Dirigo", which they taught us means "to lead" in Latin (these girls are smart!) have just returned from their camping trip, and they had plenty of stories for me upon their return!  From sneaking around to plan a birthday surprise for Stephi, to losing shoes in the mud trying to cross a dam, and a singing party on the bus, it sounds like it was quite the trip! Upon their return the Dirigo team jumped in on the tie-dying, the GLC relay race which included the water hole, lobster costume, jenga stacking, egg on a spoon and much more! They then participated in an incredible workshop with Shanterra that left all of them begging for more time with her - luckily they have another workshop tomorrow night! In the morning we are packing up early to head to the High Ropes Course at Storr's Pond.  There is some nervousness about the height, but I know they will be just fine, and so proud of themsleves when they land their two feet back on the ground. 
The majority of the pictures posted to Flickr are of the Lucky 13 because the others have been off on a camping trip, but I promise to post more of Dirigo tomorrow night after their ropes course adventure.
Alright...I am off to bed!  So tired after what has been an amazing 3 days, but I am really looking forward to tomorrow!
All the best from GLC,
Bubbly Brook

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