Residential Life

"My favorite part about being a boarder is that I am always surrounded by my friends.  Whether its relaxing with my dorm before study hall, or chilling with my friends at dinner, they are always there to make me laugh!  Every weekend there are also tons of fun weekend activities that are great to keep me and the other boarders entertained!  One more thing I love about being a boarder is the study hall at night because it helps me to focus and get homework done."  Emma '17

Living with your peers, as well as your teachers, strengthens relationships within the community. From smaller houses to the larger dorms, residential life is guided by faculty members who live with the students and welcome them into their extended family. Student proctors facilitate house-based discussions in the evening to help peers gain a better understanding of what it means to be an active member of the KUA community.
  • 10 residence halls for 5 to 45 students
  • Faculty house parents in every dorm
  • Cozy common rooms
  • Regular house meetings to discuss current school issues
  • Gatherings, baking, game viewing and hanging out!

Weekend Activities

Kimball Union students are here on weekends.  They stay on campus with their friends and fully participate in all the offerings, or just hang out and enjoy each other.  KUA is located where there is so much to do, you don't need to go far to do it!

Dartmouth athletic and cultural events
Sea Kayaking
Movie trips
Dinner trips
Shopping trips
Alpine ski trips
Late night food run
Pond hockey
Frisbee golf
Local golf trips
Open pottery studio
Free skating
Indoor soccer
Winter Carnival
Spring Fling
Wildcat Challenge
Cookie baking
and much more...


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