Community Service


We encourage our students to explore the many benefits of giving back to the community. You’ll find KUA students on the local fire brigade, volunteering at local soup kitchens, tutoring at the local elementary school, serving as peer tutors, helping with recycling efforts and other campus jobs, working at the annual Red Cross Blood drive, participating in Relay for Life, and much more.

It’s when students return to campus, years after graduation, and tell of their sustained commitment to make a difference, that we know the seeds planted here can grow so much larger.
Community service allows students to think about giving on multiple levels:

On campus: Our jobs program allows students to assist with the smooth running of the school.  From sorting mail to providing office assistance and working in the Dining Commons, we all make a difference.
In the community: As a large school in a rural town we value the importance of relationships and shared experiences with our greater community members.  Serving on the Fire Brigade or in the Penny Fellowship are two examples of how we “connect” locally.
Around the world: This school has a special way of supporting others in times of need.  Whether raising funds and gathering supplies for tsunami relief, Habitat for Humanity or campaigning for global support for the fight against HIV/AIDS, world hunger or child slavery our students appreciate the value and importance of making a difference.

Community Service Programs

Disaster Relief
Fire Brigade
Peer Tutoring
Penny Fellowship
Red Cross Blood Drive
Recycling Program
Relay for Life
Senior Citizen Holiday Luncheon
Singers' Night
Soup Kitchen
Tutoring at Elementary School
Fundraising events
Holiday gift baskets
and much more . . .


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