Freshman Choices Program

The Freshman Choices program is an integrated academic and social program designed to give students the tools they need to make a successful transition to Kimball Union and provide them with lifelong skills.

Academic topics range from organization and time management to productive study habits and higher order approaches to learning, while the social program emphasizes strategies for healthy decision making and the development of personal awareness. Topics are explored in small-group, gender-specific and full-class environments facilitated by trained faculty and peer leaders.

All freshmen take Choices as a sixth class during the fall trimester. Content areas include:
• Honor Code and Mission
• Skills needed
• Appreciating benefits/opportunities at KUA
• Responsibilities
• How to keep in touch with people at home
• Resources available at KUA
Digital Footprint
• Acceptable Use Policy
• Facebook do’s and don’ts
• College, work, legal ramifications
• Serious cyberbullying
• Time management in respect to the internet
Chemical Substances
• KUA policies on alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs
• Effects of substances on the body (emotional, physical, mental)
• Peer Pressure
• Role playing/how to get out of situations you don’t want to be in
• How to identify when a friend has a problem
Personal Health
• Importance of appearance, first impressions, etc.
• Proper hygiene (importance and practices)
• Health Center hours, resources, etc.
• Eating disorders (yourself, friends, how to get help, what are the signs)
Sexual Decision Making
• KUA policy on sexual intimacy
• Difference between flirting and sexual harassment
• Pressures to be intimate and how to avoid
• STDs
• Coping with feelings of anger, sadness, jealousy, frustration toward another person
• Conversation starters and tips (for friends, parents, alumni, etc.)
• Healthy vs unhealthy relationships
• Balancing academics, athletics, friendships, etc.
• Craft an email
• Write a letter
• Do your laundry
• Budgeting and shopping lists
• Safe kitchen skills
• Learn proper eating habits and how to fulfill these in the dining hall
• Understand significance of nutrition on growth, development, puberty, performance, etc.
• How to maintain a positive relationship with food and exercise
• Food habits (ordering out, emotional eating, etc.)
Self-Defense and Self-Image
• Take a self-defense class
• Who are you?
• Self-awareness/identity
Stress and Coping
• Healthy ways to deal with stress
Decision Making
• Strategies
• Role Playing
Academic Learning Topics
• Learning Styles
• Materials/Space/Time Organization
• Note-taking
• Memory
• Active Reading
• Writing
• Citation/Plagiarism
• Active Listening
• Test Preparation/Test Taking
• Public Speaking


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