Yan '18 - Cullman Scholar in Mongolia

Yan '18
Created in 1983 by Hugh Cullman '42, the Cullman Scholarship Program supports students in off-campus study opportunities. During the summer of 2017, nine scholarship recipients pursued courses of study in topics ranging from hands-on Animal Rehabilitation in South Africa to studying mindfulness and meditation in Nepal. Recently, Yan '18 gave a presentation at All School Meeting about his Cullman Scholarship as a medical intern in Mongolia.
Here’s Yan:

This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Mongolia for a medical internship at Shastin Central Hospital. I arrived at the country’s capital, Ulaanbaatar, where I visited the Museum of the National History and an exhibition on traditional medicine. While there, I learned about the history of the country and its influence on the world, as well as rituals and healing methods dating back nearly a thousand years.
After my initial sight-seeing, I began my internship at the hospital. I learned the purpose of each department and even had the opportunity to interact with patients. Each day I shadowed a doctor in a different department, which allowed me to understand cultural and professional ethics. Some days I was fortunate enough to be invited to observe surgeries, where I witnessed the mastery of medicine and the attention to detail required to be a professional in this field.
Lastly, I went to the Bogd Khaan temple where I volunteered in the orphanage. I worked with children from ages five to sixteen. It saddened me to see kids affected by such poverty but also enlightened me to see how much happiness a game of volleyball and reading a fairytale book could bring.
I am very thankful to the Cullman family for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime.
Thank you, Yan, for sharing your experience and stay tuned for more Cullman Scholarship news.


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