Communication as an Essential Skill

Kimball Union students are immersed in an academic and residential setting that values a set of nine essential skills. Together, these represent the hard and soft skills requisite for a 21st Century leader. We recently presented background on Global AwarenessPersonal Growth and Development, and Critical Thinking. In January, the school explored our next essential skill, Communication.

“Today I am honored to present on the essential skill of Communication,” said English Department Chair Jenny Blue. Communication, like our other essential skills, is divided into several sub-competencies: 

Through course work, social programs, and extra-curricular activities, KUA graduates have learned to:
            Select an appropriate medium for self-expression.
            Compose persuasive, analytical, descriptive, personal, and creative pieces.
            Express themselves compassionately and truthfully.
            Create and curate a digital presence.
“By gaining experience here at KUA with different media, you will be able to not only choose what you are going to say but how you are going to say it,” remarked Blue. “You will speak out against racism, homophobia, antisemitism, xenophobia, and sexism. Through your courageous communication you will defend the path to truth . . . You will be as proud of your virtual identity as you are of your physical presence. The internet is your frontier and you will be a pioneer who is well prepared to meet the challenges of mass communication’s open road.”
The broad value of KUA’s Essential Skills is immediately apparent to Stephanie ’17 - “KUA students are well rounded and able to use the skills they’ve acquired to become successful adults both in and out of their career.” Particularly interested in the digital presence sub-competency, she continued “Right now it means being responsible on social media and using it to communicate without having to get involved with the negative aspects.” Overall, Stephanie highly values Communication as a skill, going on to remark, “I think it is the single most important thing in developing as a person, being able to bounce ideas off of other people in order to accept yourself.”

Thank you, Ms. Blue and Stephanie for your thoughtful remarks on Communication and stay tuned for news on our next Essential Skill: Wellness.


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