Student Portfolios

Welcome to the Kimball Union Visual Arts student portfolio pages. Images are for perusal only. Please contact Julie Haskell for information about image use.

Vernon Chan '16

Rex Miller '16

Lily Brownell '16

Jake Andonian '14

  • Self Representation
    Jake Andonian '14

    Self Representation

    23 photo(s)

    204 view(s)


Ruoxuan (Ashlee) Tan '13

  • Advance Studio Art 2010-2012

    24 photo(s)

    221 view(s)


Alexandra Briefs '13

  • "Alleyway"
Oil Painting on Canvas
    Alexandra Briefs

    "Alleyway" Oil Painting on Canvas

    18 photo(s)

    213 view(s)


Thu Ngoc Anh Do '16

  • Kelly Do

    Self porstrait

    21 photo(s)

    37 view(s)


Rintaro Kawahara '16

Amelia Landenberger '14

  • Body in Color
    Amelia Landenberger

    Body in Color

    19 photo(s)

    209 view(s)


Yunfan (Chandler) Song '14

  • 2012, charcoal, 30x22
    Yunfan Song

    Motion of the Body

    2012, charcoal, 30x22

    20 photo(s)

    270 view(s)


Benjamin Chiang '16

  • Benjamin Chiang


    1 photo(s)

    8 view(s)


Cosku Kaplan '16

May Xu '16

XiaoMeng (Cherry) Cheng '14

  • "Figure Drawing 1"
Pastel on paper, 2012
    XiaoMeng "Cherry" Cheng

    "Figure Drawing 1" Pastel on paper, 2012

    20 photo(s)

    198 view(s)


Dan Pogust '13

  • Photography

    50 photo(s)

    312 view(s)


Jae Hyun Jin '13

  • Ceramics 2009-2013

    38 photo(s)

    260 view(s)


Debbie Burdinski '13

  • "Gray Skull" Chalk on Paper
    Debbie Burdinski: Advanced Studio Art etc.

    "Gray Skull" Chalk on Paper

    16 photo(s)

    373 view(s)



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