Applied Art & Design connects the practice of art, design and craft with environmental responsibility. We build objects that address human and cultural needs with a sustainable vision. Courses provide challenges tailored to meet individual student interests, allowing them to discover design solutions that are attractive, functional and self-expressive. Applied Art & Design stresses the use of hands-on tools while insisting on the cultivation of the mind.
Kimball Union Academy’s well-equipped, spacious pottery studio is flooded with natural light - a perfect invitation for students to discover the joy of working with clay. Students learn both hand-building and wheel-throwing skills while developing a feel and eye for a refined ceramic product.

Personal expression is developed through the making of wooden objects and furniture - where physical learning is valued. Our courses invite, "make it" and learn how to put things together, while encouraging experimenting on the development of one’s ideas into working designs. Learning respect for tools, how to listen to materials and mastery of techniques is how we build a foundation for working with wood.


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Founded in 1813, Kimball Union Academy is one of the oldest private boarding high schools in New Hampshire and the country. KUA offers the best of the traditional New England Boarding School experience to a diverse group of day and boarding students from across the country and around the world. Located in Meriden, New Hampshire in the heart of the Upper Valley, Kimball Union is minutes from Dartmouth College and has direct access to Boston and New York. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy