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  • 1. Annie Duncan House c.1830

    This home was purchased by the Academy in 2003 and houses two faculty apartments. It was built c. 1835 by Samuel Duncan who was the treasurer and a trustee at the Academy from 1831 to 1870. His wife and sister were among the first women to attend Kimball Union. Duncan's three sons were also alumni and one son and a grandson served as trustees. His great-granddaughter Annie Duncan lived in the family home until her death in 1961.

  • 2. Meriden Congregational Church 1898

    The Meriden Congregational Church and the Academy have had a close relationship since the founding of the Academy in 1813. We currently hold our Holiday Candlelight Service and Baccalaureate Services here, and members of the church's ministry are frequent participants in Academy events. The Kimball Union community is welcome to attend weekly services.
  • 3. Munro House 1856

    The home of the Head of School and family since 1970, this classic Greek Revival style home features a monumental two-story portico supported by fluted Doric columns. It has commanding view of the campus and is the frequent venue for receptions and other Academy functions.
  • 4. Memorial Gym (1914) and Alumni Gym (1957)

    The small gym in the front, given by Henry Mann Silver, class of 1867, in memory of his brother, was the Academy's first athletic building. It contained a basketball court on the first floor and a bowling alley and locker rooms underneath. It was also used for social gatherings and plays. The attached and larger alumni gym was built over an existing swimming pool and has a stage at one end with locker rooms below. The small gym is now used for athletic practices while the larger gym is home to the basketball teams.
  • 5. Dexter Richards Hall 1936

    This dormitory is the largest one on campus and has traditionally been occupied by boys. It replaced the former Bird Village Inn, a large wooden structure that served as a dormitory and dining hall during the school year, and as an inn in the summer months. With rooms for 52 students, "DR" also has four faculty apartments.
  • 6. Baxter Hall 1892

    The fourth building to be erected on this site, Baxter Hall sits at the crest of the Hilltop. The tower has been an icon of Kimball Union for over 100 years and its bell still summons students to Morning Meeting and other gatherings as it has for generations. Baxter is home to administrative offices and Archives.
  • 7. Bryant Hall 1910

    Bryant Hall is a boys dormitory with single and double rooms for 32 students. It also has four faculty housing units. A gift to the Academy by John D. Bryant, this imposing gambrel roofed, three and one-half story structure is a fine example of Colonial Revival architecture, featuring a portico with a Palladian window and a lunette window on the upper stories.
  • 8. Densmore Hall 1963

    This dormitory has room for 35 students. Although, it has been used in the past as a girls residence, Densmore is currently a boys dorm with four faculty housing units. Densmore Hall was named for Alfred Densmore '04 a long-term former trustee of the Academy.
  • 9. Daniel Kimball Barn circa 1790

    The oldest building in Meriden and formerly Daniel Kimball's sheep barn, this building has served many purposes over the years. Currently it serves as home base for our Facilities and Operations Department.
  • 10. Rowe House 1820

    The head of school's residence until 1970, today Rowe House serves as a small dorm and faculty housing.
  • 11. Library Reading Room

    This light-filled atrium style room is currently the library reading room and houses stacks.
  • 12. Miller Bicentennial Hall 2001 (1968/2010/3013)

    This building was named in honor of and with a bequest from Kimball Union's greatest benefactor, Charles Random Miller, class of 1867, editor of the New York Times. Before the new dining commons was built in 1999, Miller contained the dining hall and the kitchens. Until 2010, the building served as a student center and housed administrative offices, college advising and the learning center.

    In 2010, Miller was completely renovated and repurposed into a state-of-the-art humanities center, which represents Phase 1 of the renovation. It now contains 14 new classrooms fully outfitted with state-of-the-art technology suites including Smart™ Boards, high definition projectors,with audio-recording and video-conferencing capabilities on the horizon. Designed to offer faculty and students access to one another and to ideas, beautifully-appointed rooms include Harkness™-style tables and modular works stations. Tutorial rooms, a multi-media seminar room, a technology lab, and departmental offices offer additional flexibility for small and larger classes and discussion groups. 

    A centerpiece of the facility is the Pacific Culture Room designed by alumnus Eric O’Leary ’67, internationally-recognized ceramist, sculptor, and designer and owner of Tariki Studios in Meriden, NH. The room’s intricate design and unique features celebrate the long tradition of education Kimball Union has had with Korean, Japanese, and more recently Chinese students, families, and alumni.

    In 2013, the remaining portion of the building, the former dining hall, together with a new two-story wing, was transformed into a new state-of-the art library and learning center.
  • 13. Barnes Admissions Building 1925

    The admissions building, originally the Academy library, was a gift of George W. Barnes of Lyme, NH, a loyal friend and trustee of the Academy. This handsome stone Classical Revival building, with its Palladian windows and huge working fireplace, is a favorite gathering spot for visitors and faculty alike. 
  • 14. Bishop Alumni House/Brooks Cottage c.1820

    This historic post and beam Cape Cod style house was purchased in 2003 and is home to the Alumni and Development offices. It was named for Stephen and Joan Bishop who were faculty members at the Academy for 37 years. The attached ell, "Brooks Cottage" houses the Business Office.
  • 15. Elizabeth Dorr Coffin Building 1980

    Dedicated in 1980 by David L. '44 and Dexter D. '41 Coffin in memory of their mother, the Elizabeth Dorr Coffin building is a three and a half story facility located on the hillside with a view of the Flickinger Arts Center and the Doe Dining Commons. Formerly KUA's library, today it serves the school community's innovation center and "maker space" and is home to KUA's STEM Team.
  • 16. Fitch Science Building 1964

    Named in honor of Dr. Emery Fitch, class of 1899, trustee and school physician, this was the last building to be constructed in a ten year building plan for the 1950s and '60s. It consists of two floors of science and math classrooms and the Hayes Auditorium named for Joseph D. Hayes III '67. In 1998 extensive renovations were made to the classrooms and the E. E. Just Environmental Center was added to the existing building.
  • 17. E.E. Just Environmental Center 1998

    This state-of-the-art wing of the Fitch Science Building houses the Environmental Sciences classroom, a greenhouse, a conference room and a faculty office. This addition was named in honor of E. E. Just, class of 1903, a well-known marine biologist and professor at Howard University and in Europe until his death in 1941. He was honored posthumously in 1996 by the U.S. Post Office with a Black Heritage stamp in his honor.
  • 18. Flickinger Arts Center 1988

    This beautiful arts center houses our theatre, a dance studio, The Taylor Gallery, a dark room, two visual arts studios, music rooms and a pottery studio. The building was a gift from the Flickinger family who have been associated with the Academy for over sixty years. Tom '50, a former trustee, and his brother Bill '55, and son Geoff '77, a current trustee, all attended Kimball Union.
  • 19. Health Center/Tracy House 1961

    Originally built to replace Tracy Cottage, the first school infirmary, Tracy House Health Center also contains a faculty residence.
  • 20. Huse House 1850

    Bought in the early 1950s, this house serves as faculty housing.
  • 21. U. S. Post Office and Communications Department

    This building houses the US Post Office and the Kimball Union Communications Department.
  • 22. Mikula Hall (1985)/Hazelton House (1825)

    This building, named in honor of former headmaster Tom Mikula, is the newest dormitory on campus. It has two floors containing rooms for 20 students and a faculty apartment. It is attached by way of a lounge to Hazleton House in the front.
  • 23. Doe Dining Commons 1999

    Named in honor of Charles Doe '45, this beautiful, light-filled building with its exposed beams and clerestory windows, sits on the east side of the KUA Quad. It also houses the Coffin Meeting room and adjoins the Barrette Campus Center, the Academy's most recent building.
  • 24. Barrette Campus Center 2008 (dedicated 2012)

    Completed in 2008 and dedicated in 2012, the Barrette Campus Center features a beautiful "Great Room" with cathedral ceiling and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains which serves as student lounge and venue for student activities, dances, and performances. The hub of the KUA campus, the facility also houses a video lounge, school store, day student lockers and changing areas, and student life offices.
  • 25. Whittemore Athletic Center (1988)

    Home to many Kimball Union athletes, the athletic center's main feature is the Akerstrom Arena, named in honor of long-time faculty member and football, hockey and lacrosse coach George Akerstrom. During the months the ice is out, artificial turf is laid down so that spring and fall sports teams can practice indoors during inclement weather. The Athletic Director's office, the Trainer's rooms and the equipment room are on the upper level across from the seating area. There are locker rooms on the bottom level along with the Zamboni room There are two lounge areas. One is next to the rink and named for Kisuk Cheung '49 and the other is in the entrance way. The building was given by Frederick B. Whittemore '49.
  • 26. The Barn - Fieldhouse

    Built in 2011, The Barn houses a state-of-the-art turf playing field where sports team practice during inclement weather.
  • 27. Welch House 1835

    This house has been reconfigured many times over the years as faculty housing apartments. The Academy bought it in the late 40s. Currently, one faculty family lives in the front of the house and the back is used as a small dormitory for nine students.
  • 28. Chellis Hall 1835

    The front of this dormitory has been used for faculty housing since the late 1930s when the Academy purchased the home. The attached building contains dormitory rooms for 25 students. In 1994 an extension to that section was completed for further faculty housing and for two student lounge areas.
  • 29. Kilton House 1830

    Purchased in June 1937, this fine example of Federal architecture has served as faculty housing and as a dormitory for many years, and currently houses 14 boarders and one faculty family. The dormitory section is dedicated to the Henry and Barbara Douglass who were faculty members at the Academy for over 30 years.
  • 30. MacLeay House

    Built in 2008 in honor of Gardiner and Kay MacLeay, long-time Meriden post masters and Village Store owners, this house currently house faculty apartments and the residence of Mrs. MacLeay.
  • 31. Jones House 1840

    Purchased by the Academy in 1997, this building had previously been owned and renovated by former faculty members, Parker, '37, and Kay Jones . It currently has two faculty housing apartments.
  • 32. 1813 House c. 1800

    Originally built as a center-chimney cape c. 1800, this house currently serves as the home of the Assistant Head of School.

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