Affording a Kimball Union Education
Financial Terms and Conditions

 I. Good Standing Criteria

The following sets forth the three conditions that must be met in order for a student to remain in Good Standing at KUA:
  1. Financial Obligations: The Parents or Legal Guardians must pay the Reservation Deposit and Tuition as selected on their submitted Reservation Agreement and be current with their payment obligations to the Academy. Please note that the reservation deposit is not refundable and KUA will not make any tuition refunds after June 30 (families enrolled in the Tuition Refund Plan may be eligible to receive refunds through that source)
  1. Academic Standards: Students must meet the Academic Standards of KUA. Students with a 2.0 GPA or higher are considered to be in academic good standing. Students with a GPA lower than 2.0 are not considered to be in academic good standing and may be dismissed. Such students, at the sole discretion of KUA, may be invited to re-enroll at KUA with improvement conditions.

  2. Rules and Regulations: Students must comply with all applicable Rules and Regulations contained in the Student Handbook to remain in Good Standing. A Student Handbook containing KUA’s Rules and Regulations shall be provided upon receipt of your signed Reservation Agreement and Reservation Deposit. Your student shall be expected to comply with all Rules and Regulations including, but are not limited to: code of conduct, academic honesty, legal compliance, safety and behavioral criteria.

    A student’s or parent’s disregard of the rules and regulations of the school may be deemed sufficient cause for dismissal of the student. In addition, a student whose account is in arrears may be denied the privilege to continue as a student at the Academy; including taking final exams or receiving credit and/or a diploma. The Academy will communicate with families regularly regarding the academic and behavioral performance of their student and their student’s ability to remain at the Academy, if this becomes necessary.
II. Unconditional Obligation

Parents/guardians who have paid a non-refundable Reservation Deposit to reserve a position for their student to attend KUA have an unconditional obligation to pay the tuition and fees for the full academic year effective June 30 unless they notify KUA in writing prior to June 30 of their desire to cancel their enrollment/reenrollment reservation. Any and all cancellations shall be sent to the Chief Financial Officer of KUA; other school officials may be copied.
The tuition obligation is unconditional since the overhead expenses of the school do not diminish if a student does not enroll or departs during the course of the year. No portion of such tuition and fees paid or outstanding will be refunded or canceled in cases of illness, death, withdrawal, or dismissal of the student at any time after June 30. The tuition insurance (TRP) refunds tuition under certain circumstances; any portion of the tuition and fees not refunded by TRP remain the obligation of the signer(s) of this contract.
III. Tuition Payment Plans
Plan A-Families may pay their tuition obligation by making a Reservation Deposit by March 15 of each year amounting to 10% of tuition and a final payment by June 30 of each year amounting to 90% of tuition. Although Tuition Refund Insurance is recommended for Plan A families, it is optional for Plan A families. “Plan A” families choosing Tuition Refund Insurance must make their Tuition Insurance payment by June 30.
Plan B-Families may pay their tuition obligation by making a Reservation Deposit by March 15 of each year amounting to 10% of their tuition and two installment payments; one payment on June 30 amounting to 50% of tuition and one payment on October
15 amounting to 40% of tuition. Under Plan B, Tuition Refund Insurance is mandatory and must be paid by June 30.
Plan C-Families may pay their tuition obligation by making a Reservation Deposit by March 15 of each year amounting to 10% of
tuition and enter into a payment contract to make ten monthly tuition payments to a third party between May and February amounting to 90% of tuition. The monthly payment plans offered by Tuition Management Services (TMS) are described on their website. Under Plan C, Tuition Refund Insurance is mandatory and must be paid by June 30.

IV. Tuition Refund Plan
As stated above, Tuition Refund Plan is required when families choose to pay their tuition using either Plan B or Plan C; TuitionRefund Plan is optional when families choose to pay tuition using Plan A, provided parents sign the appropriate waiver form. Tuition Refund Plan is not eligible to be included in either Plan B or Plan C payment plans; it must be paid in-full by June 30.
Since families accept an unconditional obligation for their total tuition payments on June 30 of each year, Tuition Refund Plan
protects both families and KUA in the event of a student withdrawal since Tuition Refund Plan will make prorated tuition payments to KUA on behalf of the family if their student withdraws from the Academy after attending two weeks of classes. The level of refund varies based on circumstances. If the tuition refund payment exceeds the remaining tuition due at withdrawal the excess will be refunded to the parents. If the tuition refund payment is less than the tuition remaining due, the parent remains unconditionally obligated to pay the balance.
Tuition Refund Plan is provided by a third party. Their insurance is referred to as the Tuition Refund Plan (TRP).

V. Late Fees and Collection services
A service charge of 1.5% per month will be applied to account balances from their due date after a seven day grace period. Expenses incurred for the enforcement and collection of the tuition, fees, and other student expenses, including, without limitation, attorney’s fees and costs will be the responsibility of the parents or guardians signing this contract to the extent permitted by law.

VI. Health Insurance
All students attending Kimball Union Academy are required to possess adequate health insurance. If the student’s family is covered by a health care plan that provides adequate health care coverage in the event of hospitalization while attending KUA, we require that a copy of the health card providing the necessary plan information be current and on file at our Health Center. If adequate coverage does not exist for a student enrolled at KUA, the family must purchase adequate health insurance on their own or purchase the group student insurance offered by KUA. This is a condition of enrollment.

VII. Student Escrow Account
Families are required to deposit $300 in their student’s escrow accounts prior to the opening of school. A larger balance may be
necessary if your student enrolls in certain fee based activities. Student Escrow Accounts are used by families to fund certain expenses including, but not limited to, school supplies and memorabilia from the school store, transportation fees, College Board and AP exam fees, class fieldtrips, academic support fees, off-campus athletic activities, music lessons and certain fees.

VIII. Student Bank Account
The student bank account is an optional account that allows your student to access cash at either the school’s Business Office or the School Store. Students may access the funds in their student bank account for “spending money” or for “travel money” and may make direct charges to their student bank account when purchasing items at the school store. Alternatively, students may
access cash from their personal bank accounts by using their bank debit card at the school store.

IX. Force Majeure
KUA reserves the right to dismiss students for a force majeure, where, due to natural disasters or other events out of the control of KUA, a material reduction or cessation of operations results in the need to dismiss some or all of KUA’s students. In such event, tuition will be refunded on a prorate basis depending upon when in the year such event occurs.


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