Affording a Kimball Union Education

Kimball Union Academy is strongly committed to offering educational opportunities to students regardless of their financial resources.  Last year, we offered 3.8 million dollars in financial aid to 42% of our student body. Our goal is to help families afford a Kimball Union education through a working partnership that does expect families to stretch to contribute to their child’s education. 
Described below are important aspects of the financial aid program offered by Kimball Union.
  • Families who are applying for admission and requesting financial aid for September 2017 should submit their online Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) through the School and Students Service for Financial Aid (SSS) website at by February 1st for a March 10th decision.  After February 1st, applications and financial aid will be considered on a rolling basis. If you have questions regarding financial aid after the February 1st deadline, please e-mail The SSS code number for Kimball Union is 4390.
  • You will find detailed directions for either mailing or uploading your documents on the SSS website:  All forms must be submitted to SSS directly.  Please be sure to submit your documents in a timely fashion so not to delay the completion of your financial aid application.
  • It is important to note that the admission and financial aid applications are separate processes.  We are unable to fund every qualified admission candidate whose family has demonstrated financial need.
  • The awarding of aid is based on demonstrated need.  While we do have a substantial financial aid budget at Kimball Union, we can not provide funding for all qualified candidates. As part of this process, the Financial Aid Committee does evaluate the overall strength of each admission candidate in determining financial aid awards.
  • SSS considers gross taxable income, assets, liabilities, family size, age of parents, and number of students in tuition-charging schools.  After an allowance for basic necessities and taxes, the remaining funds are considered discretionary income available for education.  The computation by SSS is based on a formula nationally accepted by independent schools.  Kimball Union is not obligated to award the amounts recommended by the School and Students Service (SSS).
  • By February 1st, please submit your 2015 tax documents via your PFS account.  Kimball Union requires you to submit W2’s for the prior and current year; and 1040 with schedules for prior and current year.  The 2016 tax documents are due February 15th.  Should there be additional documents required, we will contact you directly. 
  • For families with divorced or separated parents, we also require that the non-custodial parent complete their own PFS application and submit it online through the SSS website by February 1st.  It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to ensure all financial information is submitted on behalf of their child, this is inclusive of the non-custodial parent’s PFS.  All financial documents and PFS data is confidential.  Parent financial information is not shared or discussed without consent.  Requests for exemption of the non-custodial parent must be supported by satisfactory documentation.
  • A significant portion of the financial aid dollars are awarded on March 10th, forms should be completed online no later than February 1st as a prospective student.  If you receive notification from the Admission Office that your Application for Admission is complete, it does not necessarily mean that your Application for Financial Aid is also complete, please be sure to complete both processes.  KUA does understand that some families may need to use estimated data to complete their PFS prior to the deadline date.  We will move forward with the awarding process with estimated data, but it should be understood that no award is considered final until we are in receipt of all required documents inclusive of current year W2’s and 1040’s. 
  • If your 2016 income tax forms are not complete by February 15th, please make estimates to the best of your ability on the PFS form.  You can log in and update once your 2016 tax documents are complete.  In an effort to help families meet the deadline, the Financial Aid Committee will review last year’s tax forms in combination with your submitted current year estimates to make an award decision. Should any financial aid be offered, it is subject to adjustment until all current year tax documents are submitted and verified. 
  • Financial aid decisions are based on a family’s calculated financial need and the school’s ability to support a percentage of that need.  The Committee often finds that it is unable to meet 100% of a families demonstrated need.
  • Families that enroll at Kimball Union as a result of our financial aid awards are required to reapply for financial aid annually.  While you can expect a consistent dollar amount of funding over subsequent years, a returning student’s performance and any change in a family’s ability to contribute to the tuition may play a role in the yearly re-evaluation process.  You can also expect that the tuition at Kimball Union Academy will increase each year and your family will be responsible for that increase.
  • The financial aid committee treats your financial aid application and award with the strictest confidentiality. We expect families receiving aid to do the same and not discuss their award with other parents or with teachers.  Failure to honor this policy could result in withdrawal of the financial aid or jeopardize your eligibility for future financial aid.
The process is designed to be fair and user friendly.  It enables Kimball Union Academy to offer our educational program to all students no matter their background.  SSS has a support line available at (800) 344-8328.  Please feel free to email with any specific Kimball Union questions.


Kimball Union Tuition 2017-2018

*Boarding Student: $60,800

*Day Student: $39,500

International Student Fee: $3,500

*2017-18 Base Tuition Rates include the cost of textbooks


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