K-Term is a week long experiential project-based period at the end of spring trimester. Students and faculty will leave the classroom behind and venture out, both near and far, to put into practice the fundamental skills that they have been developing all year. The faculty has designed projects that are collaborative, that require critical thinking and problem solving skills, and that ask students to communicate their new understanding.

All Off-Campus Projects will travel to locations further afield here in the US or overseas. Some of these projects will return to campus by the end of K-Term. Longer trips will extend into summer vacation by some amount of time, and the scheduled return dates are listed in the descriptions.

All project trip fees include the price of transportation, accommodations, food, and activities. Students may want some ‘walking around money’ for personal items or souvenirs. We have worked to create credible budgets for these experiences; however, all prices are subject to change based on number of students and final booking prices. Some financial aid funds may be available. Some of these projects count for the Global Scholars Program. The GSP points are listed with each trip.

K-Term On-Campus Project Catalog

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  • The Ninth Grade Experience

    Strong Fences, Good Neighbors: People, Place, and Passion
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  • Gravesites, Witches, and Shakers: Digging up the Roots of New England

    Mossy granite and dark hills hide the roots of our past.
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  • Coaching 101

    Do you have a favorite coach? What makes for a great practice? Is talent overrated?
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  • Yoga K-Term

    Yoga K-Term will be a week’s exploration into various forms of mindfulness
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  • Orientation to Fly Fishing

    Come spend a week enjoying one of the finest pastimes in New England
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  • Dough in Doe

    Baking Bread--Acquiring a Life Skill, Serving the Community, Creating Good Nutrition
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  • Anything is Pawsible: KUA K-Term Canine Training

    Learn dog training and see how dogs help us every day
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  • Pump YOU Up!

    The art and science behind a comprehensive training regimen designed to meet the specified goals of an individual
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  • Fundamentals of Grilling and BBQ®

    “One of the the secrets of great bar-b-que is staying committed to tradition, but finding your own stamp and signature.” --John Stage
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  • Service...Beyond the Lens of Self

    Get involved!  
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K-Term Off-Campus Project Catalog

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  • The Tenth Grade Excursion

    The Hilltop Goes to Capitol Hill!
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  • Farm-to-Table Quebec

    Escape the farmlands of Meriden and transport yourself to Quebec!
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    Isn’t it time you earned a SCUBA certification and started discovering more of the world?
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  • Wildcats in the Wild

    “I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown. For going out I really found was going in.” -John Muir
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  • Exploring Wildlife Conservation in Costa Rica

    A coastal journey to the most important biological corridor in North America
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