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The Global Scholars Program at Kimball Union - " DISCoVER"

The Kimball Union Global Scholars program is a two year program designed for juniors and seniors.  The program is comprised of 3 components: Academic, Experiential and Application.

This area is dedicated to increased interdisciplinary coursework.  Areas of study include, World History, World Language, Elective Courses and the Global Seminar.  There are eligible elective courses in every subject.

Experiential: Off campus study and/or travel for 28 days is a pillar of the Experiential portion of the Global Scholar Program.  Fufilling community service locally or during travel is another aspect of this component.

  • Global Seminar: The Global Scholars participate in the Global Seminar throughout their junior and senior years. The Seminar requires students to study global issues and discuss them in a round-table setting.  The Seminar brings experts in the field to Kimball Union to pose real-world questions.  While each Scholar will fufill the program's requirements by taking different courses, studying different languages and travelling to different countries, the Seminar is the glue of the program that connects the Global Scholars to each other and helps them reflect on their experiences and discuss real-world issues.

Application: The Scholars' culminating project is their Senior Capstone.  Students will need to outline their goals to the Discover and Capstone committees.  They will then fufill the Capstone requirements and presentation at the end of the program.   Leadership is the final component to the Application portion of being a Global Scholar which can be fufilled through on or off-campus positions.


A Global Scholar will:

  • Develop an understanding of the diverse world
  • Interact across cultures
  • Study within an interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Communicate in a language other than one's own
  • Experience multicultural tradtions and values
  • Reflect upon one's place in the world

World Languages at Kimball Union

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