On-Campus Summer Apprenticeship

Over the summer, Max ’20 took on an engaging, hands-on, six-week apprenticeship with Kimball Union’s resident master electrician, Shawn Stender in the Maintenance Department.

With a very busy summer on the docket for Facilities, Max had the opportunity to help out with several projects throughout campus to help prepare for the arrival of new students and faculty. “I helped move the old maintenance shop into the new facility, wire the smaller apartment in Annie Duncan and the garage in Munro House, and also hung and wired the lights in the gym renovation,” explains Max.
“I don’t usually have summer help,” explains Stender, “but when I saw the fire in Max’s eyes, and after he explained his interest in learning the trade, I took him on. It was a pleasure to work with him. He jumped right in with hands and feet, and it was obvious right away that he is a quick learner.”
“As a result of this experience, I’m pursuing my electrician’s trade license and considering a career in electrical engineering,” says Max. “Through working with Shawn, I learned how to wire a building, where and how to put devices like switches and outlets together, and how to assist in situations where I wasn’t trained. I learned what all the standard tools are, what they do, and how to anticipate his needs in order to be a good helper.”
Furthermore, Max believes there is a lot to gain from students working alongside the Maintenance and Facilities crews.  He explains, “It’s important for students to work with our grounds and maintenance crews because it gives a real appreciation for all of the hard work they do to make our lives easier. It’s easy to take these things for granted – power, plumbing, heat in the winter – a lot of hard work is what it takes to keep these things running smoothly.”


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