STEM's Real World Design Challenge Team Wins New Hampshire State Competition

Having won previous state and national Real World Design Challenges, KUA’s team finds itself in the spotlight again this year. The 2019 state challenge on Jan 4th, 2019 was to design an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS, or drone), create a theory of operation, and develop a business plan for the commercial operations of the system based on the following scenario:

“You are representing a company that is going after a contract seeking designs for an UAS to be used for surveying in urban environments. The city has been increasing the vegetation within the city to help curb the effects of pollution. The purpose of the UAS is to survey the vegetation for its general health and report what plants need additional care. Things to be addressed by each team include maximizing profit, minimizing the bid, and addressing all safety concerns.”
The students decided on the necessary design and composed a 50 page “notebook” (report) detailing their design and bid. With the state victory under their belts, KUA's team has earned the Governor's Award and an invititaion to compete in the National Challenge on April 13th in Washington DC. The National challenge's prompt, which will be released shortly, adds numerous complications and constraints to the original challenge. 
No stranger to RWDC, faculty sponsor Shannon Copeland has earned multiple previous state and national wins, and an international first place. 
Congratulations to all.


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