Stella '19 - Cullman Scholar in China

Stella '19
Established in 1983 with a gift from Hugh Cullman '42, the Cullman Scholarship Program supports students in off-campus study opportunities. During the summer of 2018, nine scholarship recipients pursued courses of study ranging from a Spanish Language and cultural immersion in Mexico City to interning with a physician’s assistant in Warsaw, Poland. Recently, Stella '19 gave a presentation at All School Meeting about her Cullman Scholarship volunteering at a Buddhist Temple in Southwest China.

Here's Stella:

I volunteered to teach Tibetan children at a temple in Southwest China. In addition to my duties teaching Mandarin and English, I documented the lives of the children and volunteers through photography and film.

Due to the unique religious environment, some young students had already become lamas. It was powerful to see the lamas in class alongside other children. During my breaks, I took to my camera. At first students were shy but some were more curious. In the end, they followed me, asking for more and more pictures.

Before visiting the temple, I was not religious. I held a bias toward religion. However, this trip has changed my view. Seeing the children at the temple, I realize how faith can melt naturally into daily life, and I now understand that religion is not a barrier. Additionally, the service of these generous volunteer teachers is inspirational. To the students, the volunteers are not only mentors, but also family.

Thank you, Stella, for sharing your experience and stay tunes for more Cullman Scholarship news.


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