Election Day 2018

Jerry Usery, Administrative Information Systems Manager
At Kimball Union, we value each member of our community and invite all who are interested to share their voices on our blog. Around this time last year, we heard from Jerry in IT, avid concert enthusiast, about his top five local live music shows. It was a hit and so, naturally, we invited Jerry to write again this Fall. The 20+ year US Airforce veteran requested a slot close to election day.
Here’s Jerry:

The right to vote is fundamental to our society and should not be taken lightly. It should be an act that is thought of seriously and with great responsibility. Studies show that older people vote more than younger people. It is incumbent on those older people to encourage younger people to vote and to explain the importance of casting a ballot. When young voters show up at the polls in large numbers, they are a significant influence that cannot be ignored. After all, they are the ones who will be most impacted by future representatives, senators, laws, policies, and everything else that is impacted by those who get the most votes. As an incredibly important voting day is upon us, I feel a sense of responsibility to encourage everyone eligible to vote. 
On Tuesday, all eligible KUA students are encouraged to vote. Day students will be granted accommodations to vote in their home towns and boarding students who wish to vote and have not sent in an absentee ballot, will be shuttled throughout the day to Plainfield Elementary School to register and cast their ballots.
Thank you, Jerry, for this important message, and stay tuned for more news from the Hilltop.


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