2018 Cullman Scholars Announced

Dustin Meltzer '05
Created in 1983 by Hugh Cullman '42, the Cullman Scholarship Program supports students in off-campus study opportunities. During the summer of 2017, nine scholarship recipients pursued courses of study ranging from serving as a medical intern in Mongolia to doing hands-on Animal Rehabilitation in South Africa. Recently, The Cullman Scholarship Comittee, comprised of faculty representatives and the 2017 recipients, announced nine 2018 Cullman Scholars.

The 2018-19 Cullman Scholarships are:

Alex '19 - Interning with Molecular Microbiology Research Project, Oxford.
2. Alice '19 - Interning with International Physician’s Assistant in Warsaw, Poland.
3. Andy '19 - Interning with GEN Social Entrepreneurship in Asia.
4. Emma '20 - Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion in Mexico City.
5. Harry '19 - Interning in Plant Genome Research at Boyce Thompson Institute at Cornell University.
6. Julian '19 - Microfinance Project in Kathmandu, Nepal.
7. Scout '19 - Volunteering with Real Cochabamba Soccer Academy in Bolivia.
8. Stella '19 - Documenting Volunteerism at a Temple in China.
9. Winter '19 - Volunteering and Teaching in the Mississippi Delta.

To learn more about the life-changing experiences Cullman Scholars undergo, revisit the stories of our 2017 recpients below:

3. Coreen ’18 – Disaster Relief in New Orleans

Thank you for following along with our Cullman Scholars throughout the year and stay tuned for more Cullman Scholarship News.


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