2022 Awards Recognize Student Achievements

Students were recognized for their outstanding contributions to KUA at the annual Awards Ceremony and Commencement.
This year’s awards were announced during two events; the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, May 21, and Commencement on Sunday, May 22. Please visit KUA Live to view recordings of The Awards Ceremony and Commencement, and Flickr for images from each event. 

Graduation AwardsAwards Ceremony
ValedictorianDartmouth College Book Prize
David Cutler '22 Fiona Spence ’23
Helena Heckman '22
Harvard Book Prize
Henry Mann Silver 1867 AwardWenshi Zhou '23
Sophie Braver ’22
Duncan Ramsay ’229th Grade Class Distinction Award
Jaiden Moriello ’22Brynn Garg ’25
Bleyton Hopps-Thompson '25
Class of 1895 Award
Shannon Moran ’2210th Grade Class Distinction Award
Eliza Connors ’24
Royal Burnham Townsend 1911 AwardLuke Clarner ’24
Aidan Davie ‘22
11th Grade Class Distinction Award
Porter AwardMisora Hashiramoto ’23
Libby Kotei-Fearon ’22Anelise Seligmann ’23
The Class of 1920 AwardJames Schubert Visual Art Award
Libby Kotei-Fearon ‘22Kate Gao '22
Mikula AwardMusic Award
Clyde Neville IV ’22 Tho Duc Le ’22
Charles Alden Tracy 1893 AwardDance Award
Benjamin Conway ’22 Kathleen Parkhurst ’22
Theatre Award
Jintao Yue ’22
Simon Harrold Memorial Award
Jintao Yue ’22
 Karen Custer Mathematics Award
 Helena Heckman ’22
 The Rensselaer Medal
 Wenshi Zhou ’23
 Senior Science Award
 Shannon Moran ’22
 E.E. Just Environmental Science Award
 Aidan Davie ’22
 Advanced World Language Award
 Seamus McGee ’22
 Stephen B. Bishop Award
 Benjamin Conway ’22
 Lionel Mosher Prize
 Ellie Copeland-Clarke ’22
Flora Clough Composition
David Cutler ’22
Outstanding Athletes
Abby Flanagan ’22 
Jaiden Moriello '22
George C. Akerstrom Award
Cole Gueldenzoph '22
Audrey Donahue '22
Flora Clough 1884 Library Prize
Hannah Black ’22
Fire Brigade Firefighters Award
Aidan Davie ’22
Ray Freeman Jenny 1909 Good Citizen Award
Sebastian Morris ’22
Hong-Jin Kim 2005 International Student Award
Hahmjun 'Yohan' Do ’22
Georg Feichtinger Community Service Award
Fiona Spence ’22
Briana Angeli ’22
Student Senate Award
Sebastian Morris ’22 
Libby Kotei-Fearon ’22 
Cyrus Richards Award 
Burke Ryder ’23 
Faculty Cup
Scott Domingos