KUA Welcomes 2022 Admitted Students

The Office of Admission released admission decisions on March 10 to applicants entering Kimball Union Academy (KUA) for the 2022-2023 academic year.

This year’s admitted student video was created by Emu Haynes ’17, who graduates this year from Chapman University.

The Admission team carefully considered each application in a year when applications saw a dramatic increase. The office saw applications from 34 countries and 32 U.S. states.
Beginning the week of March 15, newly admitted students are invited to participate in virtual and in-person events designed to further introduce life on the Hilltop. Admitted students are asked to reply with their decision by April 10.
As part of the application process, students were asked “If you were to attend Kimball Union, tell us one thing you would be excited about?” A sampling of answers is included here.
“On my tour of KUA, I saw an art class in progress. Watching the class sketching figures, it was exciting to see how engaged everyone was in this exercise. The teacher came out to share her philosophy on how to teach art which furthered my interest in KUA’s program. I have wanted to take studio art classes along with my other electives, but there is not enough time in my current schedule. At KUA I would have the time to have studio art classes along with my other courses of interest.”
“I am extremely excited about joining the friendly, open, and robust KUA community. While on campus I noticed the students were engaged while still having fun. Several teachers stopped to introduce themselves and I felt as though I could be myself.”
“Instantly I was struck by personal connections. After I visited KUA, I was drawn to the genuine kindness I felt from every person I met and each conveyed their love for the school. Reflecting on my experiences with other schools and comparing these with my time at KUA, I did not sense that same.”
“If I were to attend KUA, I would be excited about the supportive, yet driven community. I admire that the KUA community is motivated in academic excellence while also enjoying their boarding school experience. I think that KUA does an amazing job at intentionally balancing thought-provoking studies and genuine fun.”
“Kimball Union’s location allows for a high level of environmental appreciation and awareness. I have long valued the preservation of natural beauty; KUA would provide opportunities for me to dig deeper into learning how to create a sustainable future. While there are many things to look forward to, entering a new environment can challenge my confidence.”
“If I get the opportunity to attend Kimball Union, I would be eager to meet new people. I would enjoy developing relationships on campus through dance and clubs (specifically film and tea club), attending concerts on the quad, and participating in the winter carnival. Because I am so eager to be involved in so much at KUA, I may need support juggling all of the new opportunities that come my way.”