Recognizing the 2020-2021 Award Recipients

At the close of each year, the Academy presents awards to students and community members in recognition of hard work and dedication to academic studies, personal well-being, and the entire Kimball Union community.
This year’s awards were announced during two events; The Awards Ceremony on Sunday, May 16, and Commencement on Saturday, May 22. The recipients of these awards and recognitions are as follows:

Graduation AwardsAwards Ceremony
ValedictorianDartmouth College Book Prize
Emma McGonigle ’21Shannon Moran ’22
SalutatoriansHarvard Book Prize
Yixuan 'Emily' Li ’21Jintao ‘Tom’ Yue ’22
Marian Zens ’21
9th Grade Class Distinction Award
Henry Mann Silver 1867 AwardLulu Leppard ’24
Lucas Constantine ’21Kolbe Kolbe ’24
Jenna Santos ’21
Quinn Guth ’2110th Grade Class Distinction Award
Burke Ryder ’23
Class of 1895 AwardFiona Spence ’23
Marian Zens ’21
11th Grade Class Distinction Award
Royal Burnham Townsend 1911 AwardLibby Kotei-Fearon ’22
Hanna Wiczek ‘21Sebastian Morris ’22
Clyde Neville ’22
Porter Award
Jingbang Zhu ’21James Schubert Visual Art Award
Forest Simon ’21
The Class of 1920 Award, 
by vote of the graduating classMusic Award
Hanna Wiczek ‘21Riley Werner ’21
Mikula AwardDance Award
Nathaly Tlaseca-Verde ’21 Lucy Tretter ’21
Charles Alden Tracy 1893 AwardTheatre Award
Emma McGonigle ’21 Roberto Silva-Neto ’21
The Head of School’s Award Simon Harrold Memorial Award
Yixuan ‘Emily’ Li ’21 Jintao ‘Tom’ Yue ’22
 Karen Custer Mathematics Award
 Dudu Tang ’21
 The Rensselaer Medal
 Helena Heckman ’22
 Senior Science Award
 Karolina Kuczynska ’21
 E.E. Just Environmental Science Award
 Forest Simon ’21
 Advanced World Language Award
 Yixuan ‘Emily’ Li ’21
 Stephen B. Bishop Award
 Jingbang Zhu ’21
 Lionel Mosher Prize
 Pichamon ‘Ploy’ Assawaphadungsit ’21
Flora Clough Composition
Marian Zens ’21
Outstanding Female Athlete
Emily Pariseau ’21 
Outstanding Male Athlete
Nick Bernardo ’21 
George C. Akerstrom Award
Max Gesner ’21
Molly French ’21
Flora Clough 1884 Library Prize
Nathaly Tlaseca-Verde ’21
Fire Brigade Firefighters Award
Drew Dollinger ’21
Ray Freeman Jenny 1909 Good Citizen Award
Hank Withington ’21
Hong-Jin Kim 2005 International Student Award
Jesang Yim ’21
Georg Feichtinger Community Service Award
Jingbang Zhu ’21
Jesang Yim ’21
Student Senate Award
Roberto Silva-Neto ’21 
Hanna Wiczek ’21 
Faculty Cup
Melissa Underhill P’20 

Please visit KUA Live to view recordings of The Awards Ceremony and Commencement, and Flickr for images from each event.