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The Gosselin Learning Center

The Learning Center is a resource which helps students overcome their challenges to learning, find ways to succeed, and thrive in a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum. The Center provides a variety of academic support programs, both one-on-one and small group, to meet the needs of the rich variety of learners we serve.

Students who are enrolled in Learning Center meet weekly in small groups or one-on-one to gain individualized skills necessary to be successful. From executive functioning support to content specific tutorials, a wide variety of academic and social needs are addressed. 

Staffed by trained professionals, the Kimball Union Learning Center is equipped to provide appropriate, professional, and caring services to help students thrive.

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  • Choices

    (fall; 1/3 credit)

    The Choices course is designed to support freshmen in the academic and social realms. It is required of all ninth-grade students in the first trimester and is offered on a pass/fail basis. The objectives of the academic curriculum are to help students develop an understanding that learning is an active process, to better familiarize students with their own unique learning styles, and to identify and implement strategies that enhance their effectiveness as learners. Topics covered include time/materials/space organization, learning styles, plagiarism/citation, note-taking, active reading, active listening, writing, memory, and test preparation/taking. The social curriculum aims to provide students with information and strategies for making healthy decisions in all aspects of their lives at KUA.  Topics addressed include KUA history, digital citizenship, personal health, nutrition, coping with stress, peer pressure, self-image, relationships, college planning, and leadership. Dependent on the topic of the class, ninth graders are either taught together in a presentation-style setting, or split into smaller groups, either co-ed or single-gender, for further exploration through activities and discussion. The course is team-taught by faculty members in the Center for the Advancement of Learning and the Student Life Office.
  • SAT Preparation

    (Junior; spring)

    Designed for, and taught to, students in the spring of their junior year, the SAT Prep course prepares students for the rigors of taking the SAT tests offered by the College Board.  The primary goal is to identify and implement test-taking strategies using prerequisite knowledge to increase student performance.

    Additionally, the Learning Center will refer, to a local tutoring agency, students who either are not able to participate in this course or wish for further opportunities to prepare for standardized testing.
  • SST

    (by arrangement with the Director of Studies; additional fee required) 

    This tutorial provides individualized, small group (maximum of four students) support to students with a focus on improving study skills, organization, time management, general academic skills, and self-advocacy. The tutorial meets during a class period three to four times per week, depending on the schedule. Structured Study Tutorial is a year-long course built into a student’s academic day, and students can re-enroll in the class in subsequent years. The student, the parents, and the advisor all receive a weekly written progress report.
  • ILT

    (by arrangement with the Director of Studies; additional fee required)

    This program provides intensive and individualized academic support for students whose learning profile requires the support of a learning specialist without the additional executive functioning support provided by a Structured Study Tutorial. The student meets with a credentialed learning specialist in a one-on-one setting for two class periods each week. Our learning specialists work with students and their families and teachers to identify and achieve academic goals through coaching, the teaching of specific skills and content instruction, and regular communication with teachers and parents. Each student’s work with a learning specialist is completely individualized and incorporates a wide variety of interventions, including study skills, metacognitive and self-advocacy coaching, reading comprehension support, and written expression instruction and scaffolding. Facilitation of access to assistive technology and classroom-based accommodations are included in this service. The student, the parents, and the advisor all receive a progress report after each session.
  • English Language Tutorial

    (by arrangement with the Director of Studies; additional fee required)

    This tutorial provides individualized English language support to international students at all levels of proficiency who wish to further strengthen their English language skills. The students meet on an individual basis with the English Language Learning instructor for one class period a week. Assignment is for the academic year and can be extended to subsequent years.

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  • Graduation Requirements

    Each student must accumulate 19 credits in order to be a candidate for graduation. In addition, seniors are required to earn a passing grade in each of their courses to qualify for graduation. Specific course requirements are below and constitute 17 credits of the 19 needed for graduation. The remaining two credits must be earned in advanced level courses in two departments.

    • English: 4 credits
    • Science: 3 credits from lab courses (one of which must be Biology)
    • Mathematics: 3 credits (through Algebra II and one year beyond Algebra II if possible)
    • World Languages: 3 credits in one language
    • History: 3 credits (one of which must be US History)
    • Art: 1 credit (which must include one trimester of Dance/Theatre and one trimester of Visual/Music)

    Each year, all students must carry at least five year-long core classes.


  • Photo of Anne Peterson
    Anne Peterson
    Director of Studies and Academic Support
  • Photo of Jennifer Diamond
    Jennifer Diamond
    Latin Teacher, Learning Center Teacher
  • Julian Dormady
    Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Ursula Fries-Herfort
    Ursula Fries-Herfort
    Learning Center Teacher, Ceramics Teacher, Taylor Gallery Director
  • Photo of Bryant Harris
    Bryant Harris
    Learning Center Teacher
  • Photo of Jennifer Jabareen
    Jennifer Jabareen
    English Language Learning Specialist, Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Dorothy Leech
    Dorothy Leech
    Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Renee Lewis
    Renee Lewis
    Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Mary Jean Oman
    Mary Jean Oman
    Learning Specialist


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