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Dance at Kimball Union offers both a remarkable depth of training and opportunities for all abilities. Students learn through a wide range of dance techniques and use the creative process to help them explore and discover meaning and artistry.

Explore movement, relaxation, and creation through additional course and extra-curricular offerings such as yoga, improvisation, and choreography. With a curricular emphasis on technique and composition, students of any ability will grow and develop as artists. Through informal All School Meeting performances, and professional quality mainstage productions, dance at KUA is serious fun.

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  • Advanced Dance

    (fall, winter, and spring; 1/3 credit per trimester)

    This course is intended for the most motivated dance student who has completed all lower level dance courses. It will allow the student to continue the work they have already begun in Dance II and History and Composition, further developing their technical and choreographic skills. The challenge will be to find greater depth in their performance abilities and choreograph larger and more complex projects. Advanced Dance can be taken for either one or all three trimesters for credit.
  • Dance II: Composition and History

    (full year; 1 credit; Prerequisite: Dance 1 or Permission of the instructor; not offered in 2017-2018)

    This class focuses on composition and improvisation and is offered to students of any ability interested in the choreographic process. Through the use of history and critical text, film and live performance, we will study a variety of choreographers to better understand different compositional techniques. Improvisation is used to develop varied movement vocabulary and understand complex spatial relationships. The class creates dances for presentation at the Fall and Spring Concerts. Attendance at specified performances is required.
  • Dance Ensemble

    (fall, winter, and spring; 1/6 credit per trimester; Prerequisite: Dance Activity or Permission of the instructor)

    The dance ensemble will work year-round to create works for the Fall and Spring Concerts, and other selected events. Students may choose to choreograph these dances, but it is not a requirement of the course. However, students must have some prior dance experience and be interested in creating works for presentation. As part of the preparation of works, there will be some instruction in basic dance technique, but this will not be a focus of the course. Classes will meet three or four times a week during the H period slot. This class may be repeated for credit.
  • Dance I

    (fall, winter, and spring; 1/3 credit) 

    This course is a practical introduction to dance and exposes students to a variety of dance techniques and styles, including ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, and social dance forms. Students increase their physical awareness and projection as well as understand the similarities and differences between the various styles. While primarily a technique class, students have some opportunity to investigate elementary dance composition as well. Students gain experience in artistic criticism by attending dance concerts and performances.
  • Dance II: Tech & Comp

    (fall, winter, and spring; 1/3 credit per trimester; Prerequisite: Dance I or Permission of the instructor)

    Focusing primarily on advanced dance techniques, this course further extends the knowledge and skills learned in Dance I. Using modern and ballet techniques, students improve their physical expression. Students learn to develop and perform complicated movement and rhythm sequencing as well as explore partner work and weight sharing. Composition and improvisation techniques are examined in class as students build towards a final performance. Dance II can be taken for one or all three trimesters for credit.

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  • Graduation Requirements

    Each student must accumulate 19 credits in order to be a candidate for graduation. In addition, seniors are required to earn a passing grade in each of their courses to qualify for graduation. Specific course requirements are below and constitute 17 credits of the 19 needed for graduation. The remaining two credits must be earned in advanced level courses in two departments.

    • English: 4 credits
    • Science: 3 credits from lab courses (one of which must be Biology)
    • Mathematics: 3 credits (through Algebra II and one year beyond Algebra II if possible)
    • World Languages: 3 credits in one language
    • History: 3 credits (one of which must be US History)
    • Art: 1 credit (which must include one trimester of Dance/Theatre and one trimester of Visual/Music)

    Each year, all students must carry at least five year-long core classes.


  • Photo of Kay McCabe
    Kay McCabe
    Arts Department Chair, Dance Teacher


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