The Kimball Union Academy Bookstore is located on the KUA website in partnership with (There are no books for sale on campus.) Lists of required texts for each course are visible at (see below).
                                                                                       will not charge your account until a credit card number is given and the final step is completed. You can order your books online, pay for them by a MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express credit card, and have them shipped to you at home or, more conveniently, shipped directly to campus.
For the 2014-2015 school year, we will continue using a program that promotes electronic books for our 9th and 10th grade classes. As such, all incoming 9th and 10th graders must bring an iPad to class this fall (iPads are not offered for sale by Most of the 9th and 10th grade books are now only offered in e-book format. These e-books will be purchased and delivered electronically, on or around September 5, by Kimball Union Academy using funds reserved in the student’s’ escrow accounts.

For 11th and 12th grade and PG students enrolled in any course designated as an “iPad Course”, an iPad is required, and Kimball Union will buy and deliver the books associated with the iPad Course, on or around September 5, billing the cost of these e-books to the student’s account.

International Students please note that if you use a credit card with an international billing address, you will be able to order books over the internet provided there is a postal or zip code in the cardholder’s billing address. If you are not able to provide a postal or zip code, please call directly to order books over the telephone

Any questions can be directed to the Bookstore Manager by email or by calling 603-469-2163.

Please Note:
  • Your books must be purchased before you arrive for the school year. 
  • The button on the right points to KUA's page where you can order your textbooks online.
  • When making multiple orders, close the browser window after each order and reopen a new browser window to start another order.
  • If you have difficulties, contact ClassBook’s customer service department.

Online Bookstore Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for the Online Bookstore


Q. My class schedule says I am enrolled in a course but the course is not listed on the KUA/ portion of the website. Where do I find the books I need?
A. Double-check which trimester you will be taking the course. Your schedule lists all the courses for the complete year. The Bookstore only lists those for the 1st trimester.
Q. If I will be issued a KUA laptop why do I also need an iPad?
A. KUA recognizes the value of the iPad as a delivery mechanism for lower cost, interactive textbooks, in addition to many productivity and content creation applications it can provide.  However, we also recognize that its current limitations with regard to software and functionality in supporting our academic program make it necessary to introduce this device as a complement to our 1-to-1 laptop program, not replacing it or vice versa.  We do anticipate that a transition will occur in the near future to a more capable tablet/iPad platform as the platform of choice for academic use.  However, at this time, the academic program will be best served by having access to both tools in and out of the classroom, as needed.
Q. How do I know which of my classes offer e-books?
A. To find out which of your courses are using e-books, log in to your account and view the books that will be required. The option for e-books will be present on the purchasing screen.
Q. The KUA/ website will not let me place my order. What do I do?
A. Check to see if other sites are open on your internet. If there are, close those sites (even email) and try again.
Q. When can I pick up my books at school?
A. Picking up your books is still part of the Registration Day process. This can be done only once you have fulfilled your other registration obligations. Your books will be individually boxed and waiting for you.
Q. What if I drop a course? Can I return my books?
A. e-books: these cannot be returned once the “token” has been redeemed. Please don’t click on your token if there is a chance you will drop a course that you purchased a book for.
A. Bound books: if you purchased your books through, you have 30 days from delivery to return your unused, unmarked books for full credit. Be sure that you do not write anything in the books until you know you will be continuing with the course. Since most e-books are non-returnable, please email the Bookstore Manager for further information.  If you need assistance with hard copy book returns once you are on campus, please email the Bookstore Manager at If any shipping charges apply, it may be deducted from your Escrow Account.
Q. What if I add a course? How do I get my new books?
A. Just go online from any computer at school and order your new books as you did for the beginning of school. You can do this at any time of the day whenever you have access to the internet. will ship the book to you at KUA within 2-4 days if it is in stock. However, you will be charged shipping costs for each additional order.
Q. Why should I buy my books through Can I get them elsewhere?
A. We very strongly recommend that all e-books be purchased through At no additional cost to parents, ClassBook will deliver all e-books in an app that facilitates classroom efficiency. The cost of a specific ISBN is identical wherever you find the book.  The school will be ordering and delivering all ebooks for Freshmen and Sophomores and all required ebooks for juniors and seniors. 
A. is the official Bookstore of Kimball Union Academy. We have chosen due to the delivery and exchange services they provide to students. The new and used books they offer are the correct titles, authors, and editions chosen by the faculty of Kimball Union. If you have books from other family members or friends, be sure the ISBN numbers on the back of the book are the same as those listed on the website. (The ISBN number is the 10 or 13 digit number listed above the barcode on the back of the book and appears under the book’s title on the KUA/ClassBook website.) If these are not the same – you have the wrong book.

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